For more than two weeks, must work staff in the United States, hundreds of thousands of Government, without being paid for. Others are in a forced vacation. The background to the budget dispute between US President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats, has led to a partial stand of the government to a standstill business in the United States.

A pilot Association warns Trump now of the consequences of the so-called shutdown. The Situation affects the safety and the efficiency of the national air transport, writes the head of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), Joe DePete according to CNN, in a letter to Trump.

The US to end the President had to take “the necessary steps” to a standstill. ALPA represents the transmitter according to the interests of 61,000 pilots.The organization of the U.S. airspace is a complex Structure that requires the close cooperation of government and businesses to function, writes DePete accordingly. The interference due to the shutdown was endangering the safe operation of the system.

the Background of the Government shutdown and the dispute over the construction and financing of the wall to Mexico. The Democrats in the US Congress to reject trump’s call for a border wall. Is affected about a quarter of the government apparatus. Museums and national parks are closed. Millions of Americans have to wait longer for tax refunds, because the IRS is concerned. Last Friday, Trump had threatened that the Shutdown could extend to months or years.

Trump wants to go on Thursday to the border with Mexico. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, announced on Monday on Twitter. Trump wanted to speak with emergency responders, taking care of the border and the humanitarian crisis at the border. In addition, the US President plans to address the situation on the border on Tuesday evening (21.00 local time/03.00 CET) in a televised address, as he wrote on Twitter.

place and time of the visit, on Thursday, were initially unclear. Further Details would be announced soon, wrote Sanders.


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