LG Chem may have to indefinitely close down its factory in Visakhapatnam or move it to another city after a fatal gas leak. Photo courtesy of LG Chem

LG Chem, South Korea’s largest chemical company, refused to refute the rumors that the company may have to leave a southern Indian city after a fatal gas leak.

LG Chem said Monday that the issue is not its top priority because the Seoul-based company is currently dealing with aftermaths of the industrial accident.

Toxic gas leaked from an LG Polymers India facility in Visakhapatnam Thursday to kill at least 12, and hospitalize more than 1,000 people. LG Polymers is a unit of LG Chem.

We cannot confirm (about the rumors over LG Chem’s withdrawal from Visakhapatnam) for now. We are focusing on checking the situation and caring regional communities and victims,” an LG Chem official told UPI News Korea.

After the deadly leak, Police filed a criminal case alleging negligence by plant management. Setting up a committee for a thorough investigation, the country’s National Green Tribunal also directed LG to deposit an initial $7 million.

Against this backdrop, concerns surfaced that LG might have to indefinitely shut down its facility in the city of Andhra Pradesh state or move it to another region.

LG Chem has said that the Indian government has not officially made such requests. The company operates three factories in India, and the other two are located in Dew Delhi.

Meanwhile, LG Chem said that its CEO thinks of visiting India to oversee the efforts to grapple with the chemical accident.

But the chemical giant said that it has yet to make specific schedules of its chief, Vice Chairman Shin Hak-cheol.


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