LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump dryer/Courtesy of LG Electronics

Home appliance giant vies to tap into global markets

LG Electronics strives to expand its footing in the global clothing care market by tapping into more than 50 international markets with its advanced dryers this year.

The Seoul-based company said May 22 that it will increase the availability of its Dual Inverter Heat Pump dryer across the world.

With energy efficiency and airborne particulate management becoming more and more important world over, new dryer technologies are being embraced by consumers in both developed as well as emerging markets,” an LG official said.

Our new dryer with auto cleaning condenser is expected to meet and exceed the expectations of consumers in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, regions where our home appliance products already have strong brand recognition.”

The official said that the new dryer is equipped with an industry-leading dual inverter heat pump, which delivers efficient and effective drying in line with the needs of today’s end consumers

In addition to greater efficiency and results, our dryer offers more convenience with the auto cleansing condenser feature. It uses powerful jets of water to remove lint and dust from the condenser automatically, making regular manual cleaning a thing of the past,” he said.

LG President Song Dae-hyun also expressed high hopes on the cutting-edge product.

Busy consumers in both developed and emerging markets show that they’re willing to pay for appliances that are more efficient and save them time,” Song said.

Our dryer is a clear customer favorite in the markets where it’s available and we are confident that new customers will embrace the benefits of this dryer as well.”