In Bützow-three mountains operated by the national socialists, an infamous prison, a photo of the JVA Bützow in 2014), up to the end of the war, hundreds of prisoners by guillotine were executed in prison (here. This fate befell, in January 1945, probably a woman, who had entered into a relationship with a French prisoner of war.

In the Second world war, were millions of soldiers in German prisoner-of-war. Some of them were murdered in Camps or died of starvation and inhumane living conditions, and in part they were used as forced laborers, often on Land. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, especially a lot of French and Belgian war were interned prisoners of inter-and worked on the fields during the harvest.

Not infrequently, they were soon indispensable – and also, not infrequently, a German woman, fell in love with a prisoner of war. More than 100 documented names of the children of French or Belgian fathers are to be found on lists of the country’s main archive of Schwerin, in the time of national socialism.

in addition to the prisoners of war, who had to fear for their lives, were also the women to a high risk. Only the social exclusion and humiliation in their villages or cities, but in addition, the prosecution by the Nazis and imprisonment is not threatened. Or Worse.


still, people could even report the self-life, how dangerous such liaisons were at the time. Maria Wolf, which is in truth different, is 90 years old. You have nothing to lose. But you don’t want to tell this story, it upset you too much, does not let you align, even their children and grandchildren, you know.

orgies “up in the morning to three,”

What happened 75 years ago in a community North of Schwerin, and from court files to reconstruct: according to the still underage Maria Wolf 1943 bändelte with a Frenchman and took him to Christmas with home. Her mother had, as well as a friend of the mother, is also having an affair with a French prisoner of war. And paid for it most likely with the life.

Because of the “forbidden contact with prisoners of war,” was sentenced to the 15-year-old Maria, in 1944, to three months in a juvenile prison. In the opinion, coffee beans is of the orgies in “cake, Red and white wine”; to “3 am in the morning” would be wrong, the three couples on Christmas eve “sex”. Similar was repeated regularly thereafter.

A judgment against Maria wolf mother is not to be found in the archives. But their death certificate, to apparently conceal her execution: “sudden cardiac death” on 18. January 1945 in Bützow-three mountains to 15.17 at. At the age of only 39 years.

executions in minutes

the place of death makes people uneasy. In Bützow-three mountains, 40 kilometers South of Rostock and operated institution for the Nazis in a notorious prison. In a converted basement you were there from December 1944 to prisoners with a guillotine, which had previously stood in the Central execution site of Hamburg.

Olaf Both, a historian at the Volkskundemuseum in Schönberg, has investigated the case of the Wolf family. He is convinced that Maria wolf’s mother was beheaded. In addition to Reports from witnesses of the time, which is entrusted to him, fits this also includes an investigation of: The Soviet military administration stated after the war that the alleged sudden heart Institute to a standstill in the Bützower in prison at the time, “more in Five minutes” had taken place, says Both.

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So succumbed to the day when Mrs. Wolf died, seven people within 23 minutes of the “cardiac death”. And the cynical formulation, “sudden cardiac death” was exactly the one that was chosen at the time of the national socialism in death certificates often to cover up the executions and murders.

All the indications are that the NS-dictatorship punished the mother of Mary Wolf with death: the Guillotine for a woman who loved a Frenchman.

Forbidden love: read, how to Rainer Gessert long after the French looking around, it was as a prisoner of war in the village of Slate his father.

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