In an attack on the Libyan foreign Ministry in Tripoli at least three people have been killed. Several attackers took the building initially come under fire before at least one Person was in the Ministry and in the air blew up. A bomber was shot and killed in front of the building by security forces before he could detonate his explosive device.

The authorities in Tripoli speak of at least three dead and nine injured. In the case of one of the victims was the information from security circles, according to a high-ranking diplomat. It was, therefore, a Department in the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

so Far, no one has to be the fact known. Representatives of the government in Tripoli said, however, the actions of the bomber to show all the characteristics of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IS), which is since years active in Libya.

Since the fall of longtime Libyan ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, the Chaos in the North African country. The internationally-recognized government is weak and has large parts of the country under control. Their authority is challenged by a rival government in question, which prevails in the East of the country. Rival militias, tribes, and jihadists fight for control of regions and the large Oil reserves.


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