Shown above are the artist edition of glo™ pro slim’s navy color products, which are available at BAT Rothmans’ online commercial channel. Photo courtesy of BAT Rothmans

BAT Rothmans launches special edition at online channel

BAT Rothmans announced on Feb. 14 that the company would start to sell the artist edition of glo™ pro slim’s navy color model this week at its online commercial channel, named discoverglo.

The edition, comprised of special skin and package sleeve, is offered as a limited quantity, according to BAT Rothmans.

The company said that famous designers and artists joined hands to create the new product’s skin. Included in the list are Bazbon, Oh Ju-wan, and Sambypen.

The first limited edition was designed by Bazbon, an illustrator who designed the persona of Jay Black participating in the ‘Simply, #boostpleasure’ campaign.

The limited edition will kick off with the navy color and will be followed by the skin and package sleeve designed for the white and yellow color device, respectively.

They will be completed through collaboration with such artists as actor On Ju-wan and illustrator Kim Se-dong, whose pseudonym is Sambypen.

“As a limited design edition, we have reflected the artist’s interpretation of the glo™ pro slim’s trendy style and the sophisticated taste of our customers,” a BAT Rothmans representative said.

“The glo™ pro slim was launched to appeal to the Korean consumers who appreciate trendy design, and we will continue to release product accessories that will complement their trendy personalities.”

BAT Rothmans said that the limited artist edition would be available at the official glo™ website. It added that follow-up limited edition designs are artists videos will be introduced during the ‘Simply, #boostpleasure’ campaign period.