The term “gender-asterisk” has been voted Anglicism of the year 2018. What is meant is the character * between word root and the female suffix “- in”, i.e. “teachers”. The star is intended to allow all genders at the same time.

At the election were six involved scientists to the Berlin researchers Anatol stefanowitsch. Convinced, the Jury will have the Central role taken by the characters, and the word for that in the confrontation “with the difficult and highly controversial topic of the linguistic equal treatment of all genders,” said the Jury Chairman Stefanovich.

The Anglicism Jury emphasized, the word Gender-the asterisks show how quickly the German from the English borrowed vocabulary use productively to form new words. From the so-called false anglicism “Gender Star” had become within a few years of “gender-asterisk”.

Spurred on by heated discussions about a possible inclusion of “gender asterisk” in the official spelling, the use of which has increased more than ten-fold, from 0.25 to 2.5 Occurrences per ten million words, said Stefanovich.

The Berlin Jury wants to pay tribute to people with your choice is also explicitly the role of the word root of “Gender” and derived from the Verb ‘to be’. “The root word Gender refers to a perspective on gender as culturally produced and therefore changeable category, and adds the word gender, which takes more of a biological perspective.”

The Verb “gendering” to be found since the turn of the Millennium, in the technical language meaning: “The equality of man and woman”. In this sense, “” gegendert texts, but also institutions or areas of society.

The Council for German orthography recommended by the gender asterisk last. He announced last November, to use still longer watching.

On the places two and three ended up in the choice the terms “Framing” and “nice”. In the past years, the Jury chose the Anglicisms “Influencer” (2017), “Fake News” (2016) and “Refugees Welcome” (2015).


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