According to the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia have sued members of a victim of the US-aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The family of a passenger from Jakarta, filed a lawsuit in a court in Chicago, said the lawyer. The plaintiffs are suing Boeing, the aircraft was “unreasonably dangerous”. In Chicago in the U.S. state of Illinois Boeing has its headquarters.

The passenger plane Boeing 737 Max, the Indonesian airline Lion Air was on 29. October shortly after its launch in Jakarta, into the sea plunged. All 189 occupants were killed. A preliminary investigation report, the Indonesian authorities had revealed in November that the plane may not start would have been due to serious technical defects.

in Total, have sued 30 relatives of the crash victims of Boeing. The suit in Chicago was filed by the family of Sudibyo Onggo Wardoyo from Jakarta. The man had come with 40 years killed in the crash. The lawyer for the family said that Boeing have installed “only use measuring devices that have incorrect data displayed”. The company has also trained the pilots inadequate. “It was as if Boeing would have connected only the eyes of the pilots, and then her hands are tied.”

Boeing had rejected after the disaster, criticism of his brand-new aircraft 737 Max. A final report on the crash is expected in the coming year.

Boeing will have not prepared the pilots to this incident

the data from The flight recorder indicate that the Boeing model 737 Max, introduced in MCAS-Software (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) caused the crash. You will actually prevent a stall. This does not occur at too low a speed, the wings generate enough lift.

If the Sensors of the 737 Max to report a flight close to such a tipping of the on-Board computer, lowers the nose of the machine automatically to increase the speed. In the case of the crashed Lion Air flight is a bad flight position Sensor or a faulty Software led to the fact that the onboard computer steered the machine into the sea.

The procedure, like with this incident is to deal, was the pilot of the Lion Air flight, apparently, is not known. Pilots of various Airlines, also confirmed that Boeing had not documented the new Software and its function.

A detailed report on the reasons behind the crash, and the technical problems of the Boeing 737 Max can be found here.


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