It was once again serene between Jürgen Klopp and the reporters at the last meeting of the year. After the 5:1 win against a, especially in the first half remarkably disoriented Arsenal FC, the coach of Liverpool FC was raised on the magnificent position of his team in the title race. On the standings with nine points ahead of Tottenham Hotspur and even ten points gap to Champions Manchester City, however, can follow suit on Sunday (15.15 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE) in Southampton.

Klopp has spoken in the days around Christmas, in which his club from contender in the battle for the Premier League crown for the most promising candidates to become insistent that it was the table of interest. He held also after the five pack to the financial statements and referred to the mechanisms of the entertainment industry-professional football: “It is absolutely not important how many points you have at the end of December. I understand that you see us in a positive way. But as soon as we allow points to lie, it means we were nervous,” said Klopp to the Reporter directed.

Supposedly, he’d prefer to even with them: “you have an easy Job. I would like to be in your Position, but still with the money I earn.” There was laughter in the room, but the message of the Coach became clear. He has no desire to produce each week’s headlines with his assessments of whether Liverpool’s chances of a first championship since 1990, tidy, good or very good.


And, of course, he wants to also prevent that the euphoria of his team will be too big after a so far flawless season without a single defeat in 20 Games. His reticence in the title issue strategy is. And he’s not wrong Yes: The season is still long, it can happen.

But the days to Christmas, have helped put Liverpool in a very promising Position. Champion City has lost its inviolability, and two defeats in succession conceded, just before Christmas eve against Crystal Palace (2:3) and on the second day of Christmas, the famous Boxing Day, Leicester City (1:2). Klopp’s team has clinched a victory after the other and is withdrawn from it.

memories of 2014 will be awake

at The turn of the year Liverpool presents itself as a complete test Team of the Premier League. The Defensive to the goalkeeper Alisson and defender Virgil Van Dijk has admitted to Arsenal until the eighth goal of the season, the record of Chelsea shakes of 2004/2005 for the least conceded goals in a season (15). The Offensive, in spite of a total of more sober way of playing still be able to shoot the opponent out of the stadium, to see how the 4:0 against Newcastle United and against Arsenal. In both games dubious penalty against Newcastle, two against Arsenal to success.

The new year starts for Liverpool with probably the most difficult test of the season. On Thursday, the team travels to champion City. According to the results around Christmas has changed the constellation in force: While it looked until Recently as if it would go for Liverpool in the match to increase the pressure on the defending Champions, could they have after the recent developments have preliminary character. Nevertheless, Klopp claims that he regards the Meeting as any other: “are We going there to have the best deliver possible game. We are not thinking about the points of distance.”

one of the most important tasks in the further course of the season to keep the voltage high in order to prevent that the current euphoria turns into recklessness – and history repeats itself. Because if a club has shown that he can be Liverpool squander a excellent starting location to a maximum of Comedy, then. In the spring of 2014, the team on the way to the title was, at that time under Klopp’s predecessor, Brendan Rodgers. On the third-to-last round of the club icon Steven Gerrard slipped, Liverpool slipped from the championship.

Klopp can forbid the Fans have their joy in the face of the comfortable table management, of course not, but it would be with him, if you would realize that nothing is achieved. He also thinks of his pet. So: “Maybe it will be on new year’s eve this year in Liverpool, a little louder. But hopefully not too loud. My dog doesn’t like it.”

As I said: It’s serene went for Klopp’s last meeting with the reporters this year.

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