In the first major break due to back to Smoking in the Park: Seventh – and eighth-graders in the district school in Hamburg-Eppendorf, all between 12 and 14 years old. Then the students pull out their Marlboros, Camels, Benson & Hedges from the pocket, plug it, smoke. As the young, hip people on the posters that you see everywhere in the environment.

On the way from the middle of the Hamburg metro station Klosterstern up to the school, the children come walls up to five poster advertising pillars or rolling over billboards, which often promote the supposedly wonderful world of Smoking. A good-looking man and an even better looking woman deep in the eyes, the cigarette watch there in front of the lips. A happy couple indulges in a smoke break in the boat house on the lake. A Camel Model calls with a fag in their mouth: “Do your thing”. And the students at the Park do what they are commanded.

Nowhere in the EU cigarettes can advertise Multis so uninhibited as it is in Germany and, although the Federal government and the Bundestag undertook in 2004 to the world health organization to adopt a “comprehensive ban on all forms of tobacco advertising”, and at the latest by 2010. All other EU countries, most recently Bulgaria, have banned the poster advertising for tobacco products, especially to protect young people. In Germany, some politicians of the Union, with all the imaginable angle trains a tobacco-blocked ban on outdoor advertising.

Philip Morris as a Sponsor at the CDU party conference

As the CDU chose at the weekend, a new party leadership, were on billboards by sponsors from the economy, the Logos of the tobacco multinationals Philip Morris (“Marlboro”), JTI (“Camel”) and of the German cigarette Association.

tobacco advertising (in Wacken)

The longtime group chief Volker Kauder abducted against resistance in their own ranks, even a decision of the Federal Cabinet. Flew the beginning of the year by the health politicians of the CDU and the SPD agreed to the ban on advertising in the last Minute from the coalition agreement then. Kauder and his associates represented itself as a champion of freedom. The “responsible citizens” have the right “to form freely an opinion,” it said.

Kauder is now deprived of power. Politicians from the Union and other groups, to take a new initiative for the ban on tobacco advertising; on Monday, the responsible Bundestag Committee of experts from the science sounds. LEVEL-research suggests now: the Influence of Union people in their struggle for the tobacco advertising less noble freedom ideal. But, above all, about ensuring that local authorities, the money of the tobacco and advertising industry.

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The “Christmas lunch” bat cigarette manufacturer Reemtsma (West) Bundestag elected members and staff last Tuesday in the Berlin representation of the state of Hamburg. Livrierte waiter served by candlelight scallop soup, veal fillet with red wine jus and sweet potato puree. Among the Invited Dominik Wehling, the speaker of the working group for municipal policy of the Union. This panel is of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the interests of the municipalities. According to insiders, it is next to the CDU business wing of one of the most powerful advocates of tobacco advertising.

Why, betrayed Wehling in a small speech after the main course. “From a local point of view,” he assured his hosts that the cigarette lobbyists, see a ban on advertising of “highly critical”:

“It is (…) simply a matter that very many cities with Stadtmöblierern (outdoor advertising companies such as Ströer or JC Decaux, note the Red.) Contracts: on bus stops, information boards, Wi-Fi Hotspots and don’t know what you can make happy the people in such a town. This is all funded by outside advertising, and the majority of the revenue of this city is furniture from outdoor advertising is (…) cigarette advertising.”

Shortly thereafter, Wehling added:

“We see, however, that We will not be able to go with this attitude to the public out of it – because the discussion of the lives of young people against a bus stop, you can calculate how long you can endure it.”

To explain that to you in the bus stops appear to be more important than the protection of the youth from cigarette, the would fall to the local politicians of the CDU and the CSU is actually difficult.

On request, Wehling said that he could not confirm his statements, when Reemtsma-eat “in the quoted Form”. The MIRROR shots of his speech, however.

Public quote can to is the AG local politics only with an opinion, their focus on the supposedly weak impact of Billboard advertising on minors. Here it is, “that the outdoor advertising for the Smoking decision of young people has the relevance that had been adopted in the past”. There is, however, that “For many municipalities, the outdoor advertising generated revenue of great importance, especially with regard to the Stadtmöblierern provided and maintained infrastructure such as bus stops.”

a weighting of the argument asked, said Wehling, compared to the MIRROR on the phone, the main argument for the rejection of the ban on Advertising, the lack of relevance of some external advertising for the Smoking decision of young people. The Reemtsma-Christmas dinner, the impression was a different one: That young people were by the outdoor advertising allegedly hardly affect mentioned Wehling there only after he had stated that one could not go with the financial argument of “publicly coming out”.

And: the claim that The advertising effect was small, it contradicts scientific knowledge. According to a study by the Kiel Institute for therapy and health research shows that the proportion of smokers among students who are exposed to tobacco advertising is twice as high as for students who see little cigarette advertising.


even Though the sale of tobacco to minors is prohibited, Smoking in the age group of 14 – to 17-Year-olds each, or one in eight, reported Daniel Kotz, Professor for addiction research at the University of Düsseldorf: “we Want our Bush to be sponsored from an industry that sells a product that is so toxic and carcinogenic that it per year, over 120,000 citizens prematurely die?” For comparison: in 2017, there was in the road about 3200 Dead.

cities without tobacco advertising, bus shelters

municipalities like Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany, or Heidelberg, to have already been a few years since tobacco advertising. Bush, you have to get a shelter, nevertheless from the advertising industry, with shares of Bergisch-Gladbach’s mayor Lutz Urbach. Although the revenue from the lease be a “middle five-figure sum” low. But mainly because of the health of the young people of this waiver was “right and necessary,” says Urbach – self-CDU-man.

“If communities benefit from tobacco advertising, to sell you in the long run, the health of our children, are lured to the bus stop of the cigarette industry,” says Christian Bock from SumOfUs. The organization has brought dozens of citizens, the CDU and CSU to send deputies to appropriate letters.

health experts from the Union now has a strong public for the ban: for instance, the Chairman of the Bundestag health Committee, Erwin Rüddel, the health spokeswoman for the Union, Karin Maag, or the doctor and the Deputy of Rudolf Henke (all CDU). The health must have a higher priority than economic gain, says Henke. And the Federal drug Commissioner Marlene Mortler (CSU) declared to the MIRROR: “tobacco has outside of search advertising in a health-conscious country. Why do we allow it, that even children and young people day in, day out, to be confronted with the advertising for a product that provides a year for about 121,000 deaths?”

members of the youth, or sponsored bus stops, important for the majority of the Union? Unclear. The new Faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus has not commented yet publicly on this topic. According to insiders he is not but long a Tabakfan like its predecessor, Kauder. And he would like to end the unfortunate internal dispute. To a request from the MIRROR brinkhaus has not responded yet.

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