Germany in January 2019:

1. January train a racist bombers in the cities of Bottrop and Essen several times with the car in multiple groups of people. As a motive he gives, he wanted to kill foreigners. On 4. January is known to harm an apparently right-wing personal and intimate data of around 1000 politically Active published to you. 10. January is known that in the state of Hesse, another policeman is suspected of government data on right-wing extremists . 11. January, get country dishes in all of Germany, bomb threats of a “the national socialist Offensive,” . 14. January gets the advocate of NSU-Victims , Seda Basay-Yildiz, by Fax, a further threat of “NSU 2.0” , in turn, with data that are probably from official databases. The first of the threatening Fax came allegedly from a right-wing network in the Hessian police. 16. January, the police performs a police RAID against 40 self-confessed national socialists the grouping ” National Socialist Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the USA “, seized more than 100 weapons, but takes zero people. On 7. January is known that the right-wing network in the police is even greater: at Least three other police officers are supposed to have replaced Hitler pictures and other extreme right-wing content, further alleged extreme right-wing police circles are known, for example in Hamburg.

In these times, my columnist colleague, Jan Fleischhauer for a meaningful idea and considers it, on the 19. January to publish in the MIRROR a column to be overwritten with “Nazis”.

in Order to understand this, one must delve deeper into the noise to penetrate, the many people in Germany are to hold a debate The Text itself is to be understood as a response to a Twitter event, with a ZDF journalist began. You had on 1. January “Nazis out” tweeted, in connection with an unmistakably sarcastic remark about who was to be understood as a Nazi. A digital Mob with threats of murder as pitchforks and rape as torches, she attacked curses out over days. In addition to the great solidarity that they learned about via the Twitter Account of MIRROR ONLINE, showed another, at first glance, a surprising reaction: a critique of the phrase “Nazis out” from people who are quite obviously not Nazis.

Axel-Springer-Chef Döpfner saw in “Nazis out” is a trivialization of national socialism. The “time” looked into “Nazis out” is an example of the coarsening of the debate. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” realized that it was so easy and asked where the Nazis are. In the “world” believed in someone, that “Nazis out” taken literally, enemy of the Constitution.

Well, literally, the Name “The world” is also close to the fraud, in truth, it is in the newspaper, only a very, very small part of the world. But I prefer, before anyone noticed that you can see yourself in MIRRORS ONLINE. To let, at the latest, at this time, however, the swelling at the end of Bock criticism on “Nazis singing to exceed out”. Therefore, only the “Nazis remained as the increase pure.” And so it went: escalation.

The corresponding column contents in Detail is not so important, it is probably a textual exercise, to apply to the abstruse Heading in a not-extreme-right direction. Because the most important thing on the column, not the content and not the Header but the in response to the Title is, in my view . The provocation of “the other”, to be more precise on The Left and the liberals. So those who had hoped, “Nazis out” is a kind of German minimal consensus, and therefore indignant.

rights do Not define themselves in terms of indignation-Right

One could dismiss this desire for provocation as a kindergarten-like, and would be not completely wrong, but would nevertheless, the phenomenon is not. Behind it, very much more is, ultimately, a massive crisis of Western self-perception.

In the last 20 to 30 years, almost every Form of “We-feeling” absent-in Western countries at the top. The reasons for this are varied, ranging from the end of the Cold war up to the realization that “we” in the second half of the 20th century. Century were meant mostly middle-aged to old, white, not-disabled, heterosexual Cis-men.

This great crisis of identity by societal disorder is particularly unbearable for people hard, the followers of a “child world” whose order “is, of course, or as God intended”. These two quote snippets are from an Interview with the Butcher himself led with the sociologist Armin Nassehi the beginning of 2019, they illustrate the “right Thinking”.

If so, in spite of the nice orderly view of the world changed everything, even though you fight against the change – what’s left? The answer is as simple as it is revealing, and declared by many to be unthinkable-held controversy about “Nazis out” in Germany in 2019, because it is Not an identity mechanism, the Conservative of Rights: rights are defined by the indignation of the Right.

Conservative take on the recipe for success, Right

right consider Left-wing and Liberal as a compass pointing to the South. So this explains why Trump Fans would rather Putin than Obama as US President. What upsets the Left, you must be right – according to the “Windmill principle” energy is withdrawn from the against the wind. The mechanism of identity by provocation of the psychology and law Professor Dan Kahan at Yale explores. He said in 2016, why Trump Fans to share so many Fake News in social media. You are not of truth or reasonableness. But a Signal of social belonging by definition: Trump Fans to share, what’s driving the gluten-Clinton-Fans to know. The opposing outrage is not a byproduct, but the main purpose.

From the right spheres is spilled this attitude is deep in the conservative camp, or, more precisely, the excitement of the left, is “” the main commonality of Conservative and Right-wing. Their relationship with the eternal words of Ralph Giordano, a German Conservative show: “For them the real enemy is still on the left. To the right are somehow ill-mannered relatives.”

Since you can as a Conservative, is also the recipe for success Provo-roar of the Right to accept, although in the 20th century. Century, the banal provocation of the counter-draft to the conservatism. Especially as the younger political-teaches history, that this Form of escalation never ends.

“Nazis in” is not meant to be serious at all

“Nazis can” write, even as a provocative Pose, is only possible if one is not personally threatened by the Nazis for its sheer existence of a physical – because you are not black, Jewish or gender diverse. (See the bulleted list at the beginning.) It is the gold medal of privilege-blindness on the three most Band. And it is not meant to be serious for once.

One recognizes the fact that Fleischhauer’s assertion at the end of his column, a recipe of dealing with Nazis, that is not likely to arrive at the Right especially good. “Nazis, purely” is “very much a society of appropriate” he writes, and explains that with the American “re” of Nazis to post-war Integration. The Translation is “re-education”.

Fleischhauer proposes, so I need to read the, the re-education of Nazis. Aha. The concept of re-education, I am in the tendency to be critical, but if Butcher is on it: “Nazis in the re-education” as a Heading, you have yet to discuss! Oh, Discuss it wasn’t, right.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.