Boris Becker and his wife Lilly have apparently come to their divorce a step closer. On Monday, the couple met in London’s family court. Both parties declared that they wanted a divorce.

Although the two never even glanced at, acknowledged. Their lawyers have succeeded but probably, the confusion to eliminate in the case of divorce applications. This point was settled, it was the part of the court.

Becker, 51, and from the Netherlands-born Model, 42, announced in may, to have “mutually and amicably” separated.

the focus of today’s hearing were financial questions. The judge said the media, specifically, to report on further Details. Also, the Name of the child in connection with the method must not be called.

After the hearing, Boris Becker disappeared through a back exit, Lilly Becker left the court through the main entrance.

Boris Becker in front of the London family court

Boris Becker is the father of four children. With his Ex-wife, Barbara, he has the sons of Noah, 24, and Elias, 19. From the so-called closet affair with Angela Ermakova his now 18-year-old daughter, Anna, comes.

Apart from the divorce, Boris Becker has to make more money. He is in the midst of insolvency proceedings in London – 14 creditors have filed claims of 61.5 million euros. The insolvency administrator had complained this year about Becker’s lack of cooperation. As the MIRROR reported in its latest issue, has submitted to the Ministry of economy a request to a bankruptcy restriction against the 51-Year-old in court.

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