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by the extreme right-wing activists Tommy Robinson of thousands of people in London have demonstrated Headed for the Brexit. The founder of the anti-Islam Organisation the English Defence League protested in common with supporters of the anti-EU Ukip party. A counter-demonstration of supporters of the opposition Labour party, according to organizers, significantly more participants, about 15,000 people.

The security forces had pre-imposed sharp conditions, in order to prevent clashes between the two Camps. The police gave no estimates on the number of participants.

The extreme right-wing, Robinson is a consultant of Gerard Batten, which is since last April the Chairman of the Ukip. The former Ukip leader Nigel Farage recently announced his exit from the party. The reason: Ukip to open more and more extremist forces.

“This is speculation”

The Parliament’s vote in London on Tuesday with the EU negotiated Brexit agreement. The opportunities for Prime Minister Theresa May, are your plans in the house of Commons to enforce, are extremely poor.

Reports of a postponement of the vote in the lower house disagreed with the government. “The vote will take place on Tuesday,” said a spokeswoman. Previously the Sunday Times had reported that May want to take more time for the talks in Brussels, in order to prevent the overthrow of their government.


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