In the case of the Ashtons is Darts family thing – especially for women. The daughters Danielle and Lindsey have fallen for the arrow to throw, but the real Star mother Lisa Ashton, 48 years of age. The Briton has won four times the title of the “Women’s World Championship” of the smaller BDO-Association. And now she wants to make on Thursday for a Premiere: the first victory of a woman at the world Cup of the larger PDC-Association.

“For me, this is an absolute dream come true. I hope that I can make all women proud of,” said Ashton: “I’m happy just to come to this stage.” Ashton has qualified for one of the two courts, which were first held for women in the famous Alexandra Palace in London. “We will raise the flag of women,” she says.

in addition to Ashton will also join the Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova. The 34-Year-old had already participated in 2009, thanks to a Wildcard, but could not celebrate a victory. She already has three “World Championship”title to collect. Both women have now qualified two tournaments for the world championship, the PDC-Association of sports, there has never been.


The PDC has recognized the role of Ashton on the first evening, the attention will therefore be high. In their first round match Ashton meets Dutchman Jan Dekker, the seemed with of the draw, really happy: “It is really really hard. It is a game I can actually only lose.”

Anastasia Dobromyslova

Dobromyslova plays on Monday against the British, Ryan Joyce. She has a famous Fan: Darts ACE Michael van Gerwen projected on the Dutch television in their second-round feeder. Also, the German Martin Schindler believes in a future of female players: “I think they will establish themselves.”

“We live in changing times,” said PDC chief Barry Hearn, the “Daily Telegraph”. It is important to find out how good the women are. It is clear to him: “Some of these girls can really play.” Hearn is 70 years old, he has made the PDC world Cup of the mega-event it is today, and is viewed as a strategic business think man.

Ashton’s daughters want a mother, not to beat

Therefore, Dobromyslova also believes that the two starting places for women have been released out of good will. “Anyone who knows Barry knows that he’s doing this simply so, and for no good reason,” she said of the “Welt am Sonntag”. She believes that the promoters want to attract attention for a future PDC tournament series for women.

Ashton sees itself as a Pathfinder for their daughters Danielle and Lindsey. It is great that your daughters play also. “It’s nice that you follow in my footsteps,” she said. This time, the daughters will be cheering on their mother. Next Time it could look different.

“My goal is to beat my mother,” said Danielle.


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