The film Director Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the rings”) is actually for its spectacular visual language known. In the next time, he will deal however with a 50 year old 16mm film strip. Of course, the something Special: they show the Beatles at work on your last Album “Let It Be”. Jackson is cut from 55 hours of Material for a documentary.

Jackson announced the project on the symbolic 50. Anniversary of the legendary last Beatles concert on the roof of their record company. In his Statement he writes: “This will be the ultimate movie about the Beatles, where the audience sits like a Fly on the wall in the Studio. The Material is like a time machine that brings us back to the year 1969, where we watch four friends as they make great music.”

The Beatles had recorded the Songs that were eventually released on the final album “Let It Be”. However, it was not the last recording Session of the Beatles, the Songs from “Abbey Road” were created thereafter. This plate was then brought in by the record company but sooner.

Not the first documentary of the “Let It Be”recordings

is The project by Peter Jackson is by no means the first Film about the “Let It Be”recordings. Already in 1970, the eponymous documentary was released, for the film, which Jackson used now. The Film has been seen until today, he is for decades in the rental and in any Edition, for home cinema.

Behind it is a battle for the sovereignty of interpretation in terms of the last Chapter of the Beatles. In the Film, they seem to go as a set of four fighters who are fighting in the Studio and can’t wait to finally be apart of. This Interpretation disagreed with the members of the Band has always been, the gangs, the further distribution of the film.

Jackson’s Version is now to throw seems to be a more positive light on the time around the recording of “Let It Be”. In his Film, the Director writes: “I was relieved to discover that the reality looks different than the myth.” There is in the film material may have dramatic moments, but Far from the discord, with of the plate is associated.

shots have to be elaborately worked up

The Original documentation, however, should be the Statement of record company Apple, according to newly released, according to the new Jackson project. For it 50 there is still no official start date, it is probable that by the year 2020, when “Let It Be”. Celebrates birthday.

Jackson and his team should still have a lot of work with the film material, because at the time it was recorded only on 16mm Film and should be in any good technical condition. This is likely to be one of the reasons why Paul McCartney approached Peter Jackson. The Director has with the reprocessing of historical film material experience: one Of his last projects, the documentary “They Shall Never Grow Old”, for which he edited footage from the First world war, both visually and colored.


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