shortly after 13 PM judge Mario Square on in the Congress center of the Messe düsseldorf his reading glasses, then he takes out a thick stack of papers to Hand. Plein reads in the port about two hours from the notice, which summarizes the essential content of a right conversation, which took place on Wednesday.

At the Meeting, the lawyers that are involved in the Loveparade-process exchanged about it, in the criminal proceedings to go on. Shortly thereafter, it became known that the land court has suggested in Duisburg, a setting of the process.

It had been correct, the six employees of the city of Duisburg and four employees of the love parade organisers Lopavent to indict, says judge’. There is a reasonable probability that the defendant for the disaster were contributing to was still. Nevertheless, it is likely to have the misfortune to be a “multi-causal Events,” explains the judge. A variety of possibly unrelated events might have been for the mass crowds at the techno parade responsible.

judge Mario Plein

In the case of the disaster at the love parade in 2010, 21 people were killed and more than 650 were injured. The process before the regional court of Duisburg is one of the largest and most elaborate of the post-war period.

Plein says that in the year 2010, no clear legal and organisational requirements for the planning of such a major event, it had not been. One must also take into account the police cordon, which was erected on the ramp to the event site and also to the disaster contributed. Just as the fact that on that day the communication between all participating institutions to a Standstill had come.

An individual’s guilt of a single accused, said the judge, was therefore to be regarded only “as a low or at most medium”. Therefore a setting of the process come into consideration.

“hard to convey

” According to the note, the Prosecutor’s office of Duisburg does not, however, only a small debt of ten defendants. Thus, one could imagine a setting of the process according to paragraph 153a of the code of criminal procedure, so the proceedings are not a monetary support for the accused.

the defenders, by contrast, only a setting in accordance with section 153 comes into consideration, apparently, so without a rest. Both routes are likely to be legally defensible, so the opinion of Square is. In the legal conversation, he turned, apparently with an appeal to all the pages. According to the Memorandum, he said: “It would convey to the Public, if they could not agree on one of the two solutions.”

Whether on the accused a money pad, depends on for whom you have a medium-sized fault can be demonstrated. In the case of a small debt, so the process comment involved, is a pad is unlikely. “The border between Section 153 and 153a is quite vague and difficult,” says a spokesman of the district court, “but it should not fail”.

On the amount of possible money constraints had not yet been negotiated. “It should be a not overly onerous, but a noticeable amount,” says court spokesman. The office of the public Prosecutor and the defenders could agree on a higher four digits to the amount that would then have to make the concerned defendant as a one-time payment. The speech is of about 7000 Euro. So someone who is familiar with the process says it is.

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For some of the relatives and dependents is the threat of the end of the process, only hard to bear. “This is absolutely unjust, it could not be worse,” says Klaus-Peter Mogendorf. His son Eike died in 2010 in the crush, he was 21 years old. “My son will now be dealt with under section 153 of the code of criminal procedure, it appears to be a minor Offense, when a child dies. It makes you wonder: Where is the justice in that?”

All of the pages in the process are now called upon to 5. February to submit comments. Until an agreement on the setting is found, it could still take weeks. Until then, the Loveparade-the process continues, there is evidence be collected, witnesses. And yet there are in the Congress center in Düsseldorf, hardly someone who believes in it, that it will come to a verdict.

judge Plein speaks of a “further significant proceedings” to be reckoned with, should not be set to the process. In the summer of 2020, the absolute Statute of limitations is imminent.

“such An end”, a Person involved in criminal proceedings, “will says here, really nobody.”

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