“And there sit I, and let the man take the first step. I feel so good, because I’m a girl, because I’m a girl. Come on over man, and sit by me, ’cause I’m a girl, because I’m a girl.”

nearly 25 years Ago, the musician Luci van Org published under the name Lucilectric her most famous song: “girls”. Meanwhile, the today 47-Year-old the song is, however, also critical.

On the question of the “New osnabrück newspaper”, if the Text said an antiquated image of women transported animals because a girl wanted to be approached by a man and not self-active will, you: “From today’s perspective, that is.”

However, you would not want to dare to say about this piece of something Bad, “because it has brought me so much happiness and Beautiful”. At the time, the Text and the message had been total. “It is a time phenomenon, and it is a quarter of a century ago,” said van Org the newspaper. “The fact that a woman speaks such things, that she has a right to a private sex life that you choose your Partner that you have a lot of fun – it was a Sensation.”

Luci van Org as Lucilectric-singer

at the time I had their own strategy to deal with the sudden celebrity hype deal, as a “girl” in 1994 became a Hit: “I intuitively came out of the closet is controlled to, my hair cut, me, as a bisexual, started me in addition zubenehmen, everything went,” says van Org and the “NOZ”. The have works. In addition, your Harald Schmidt gave at the time are a few tips on how to get through the Suddenly Star-jungle.

Since then, the equality was, however, a little further, says van Org, who works as a producer, writer and singer in her home city of Berlin: “If I’m with a male colleague for a service appointment, one speaks for the first time only with him because everyone thinks he’s my boss. This makes me incredibly angry.”

And it will currently even more worse, says the musician. “That frustrated me. I am now almost 50.” Now you react to such situations, “tough”, as she says: “If to me today in the good old style, a man explains to a mixer, I’ll tell him then, how many I have of the devices in the home, and how many records I’ve produced.”


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