1. Psycho-Thriller “Moon”

scene from “Moon”: do you Dream sometimes of the moon trip?

The Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e 4”, which is now landed on the back of the moon, is loaded with seed, in order to examine whether there is, under certain conditions, vegetable cultivation is possible. In the great Sci-Fi Thriller “Moon” is exploited, the erdabgewandte moon page generously by humanity: the machines build for a big Corporation, so-called Helium-3 as an energy source. The only man on the moon: an Astronaut (Sam Rockwell), who loses in the solitude of the mind. Or the madness that lurks, but outside of your own head? The Plot film’s Director, Duncan Jones, is staged as a psychological Thriller, without certainties, “2001”-quotes, classic Sci-Fi Horror, and All as a philosophical mirror to the human one included. I don’t want to tell only one thing: do you Dream sometimes of the moon trip? After “Moon” not the way you want to prefer to. eth

2. Art project, “Dear Moon”

billionaire Yusaku Maezawa: one’s own insignificance

With the project, “Dear Moon” wants to send to recognize a Japanese entrepreneur, an artist on the moon: The billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has announced that it is to be the first customer of Elon Musks bemanntem space project SpaceX. In the year 2023, he wants to fly in five days the moon, so that they would be there “like never before inspired”. The candidates are not fixed, but the painter Eric Fischl has betrayed the New York Times , as the first creative act after a landing on the moon, he would open “his suit and into a room without gravity to pee”. The architect Daniel Libeskind would be the moon, like to a square shape by parts of it jet black color, “as an image of Malevich or Mondrian in heaven.” For Ai Weiwei, the perspective would change when a moon landing is the crucial point to recognize your own insignificance in Relation to the universe. And the American artist Kara Walker would like to “shove off for each of the earth-born girl, a adult, sexist, white man in a colony on the moon.” Maybe it would help you to see the world in a different light. cpa

3. “The Dark Side of The Moon” by Pink Floyd

Certainly, probably the first Association that comes to mind when it comes to the back side of the moon. But: Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” (1973) is also one of the most brilliant rock albums in history. Everything begins and ends with the beating of the heart, both in life and on the Album. Thematically, it deals with the inner demons, the conflict with itself, death, and delusion. Allegedly, the phases of the moon to symbolize the cycles of the people (let go, starting over, development, fulfillment). The back side of the moon but the people are crazy, they destroyed, and at the end you can lay over the sun like a shadow. “There is no dark side of the moon really Matter of fact it’s all dark,” reads “Eclipse”, the last Song on the album. ipp

4. “The trip to the moon” by George Méliès

scene from “The trip to the moon”: is not amused.

The moon is not amused. The rocket from earth lands him directly in the moon’s face, the bright side of the planet is to the pain-distorted Face. Already in 1902, directed by film pioneer George Méliès Science Fiction Thriller that took the dream and nightmare of space tourism is the presence of anticipation. Mankind yearned to All, and movie delivered the pictures for a trip that should remain over many decades impossible. But in the meantime, more and more Nations around in the world space, and for the once-Einsamkeits-drenched moon it is getting tight. In order to remain in the lunar anatomy of film visionary Méliès: Now the Chinese are pinching him with their spacecraft in the Po. cbu

5. “Solaris” by Andrei Tarkovsky

scene from “Solaris”: life on earth

tied to The Soviet Union was not only the first country, the manned space travel. Also in the cultural reappraisal of a pioneering role: as early as 1961 wrote Stanislaw Lem in his visionary novel “Solaris”, Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972, the final “space age”-Film developed. In both versions, shows “Solaris”, how much of the quest is tied to outer space to life on earth, as we are the well-Known can’t escape and the Unknown blankly have to look. It is not the moon, but the planet Solaris. But what exactly is the man in space addiction, was rarely asked skeptical and impressive. The answer to that is now as open as 50 years ago. hpi

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