The French had become accustomed in the past four weeks, to start the day with the hustle and bustle of the “yellow vests”. The protesters were already in the morning at roundabouts and traffic lights, they slowed down the traffic, languages on the Radio or embossed, thanks to the signal color is already recognizable from a distance, the Baker’s queue. Many of the duration of the protesters had announced that Christmas eve on their blockages to celebrate. But they’ll think twice.


Because on Wednesday morning, the country woke up to a completely different roar. “Every Time the French people bear a wound, when it is awakened by this kind of news,” said in the morning radio is the right extremistin Marine Le Pen. The Scary part is not that you are wrong.

The fear is back

To fresh the wounds of the past few years. Especially the attacks of 13. November 2015 in Paris, the cost of life in a night 130 people, will remain an unmastered area a nightmare for many French people. A new assassin from Strasbourg, the speech is this Morning everywhere.

And already, the thoughts lead back to the perpetrators in the Paris music hall, the Bataclan, the shot of the stage with their machine guns alone, 90 people. One of the terrorists belonged to a Salafist group from Strasbourg, had his friends in the same quarters, which are now seen on television again.


in Spite of all the violence in the demonstrations of the last few weeks, nobody would have been afraid to go the next Morning on the road. But now that fear is back. The people they had in Paris in the days after the 13. November 2015 and to remain in Strasbourg, where all are called to that better home.

And this fear does not remain on the places of the attacks is limited, they transfer the whole of the country, complained of it, changed it. A shadow falls on the revolutionary-cheerful-planned Christmas is the “yellow vests”.

It argues in favour of the Protest

set As cynical as this may sound, the President in the Elysee Palace, it is not inconvenient that the protesters will get less attention. The assassination of Strasbourg, the ongoing revolt of the “yellow West” your so far, well existing ease and takes the President back to its classic role: guarantor of the security of all French people.

in the night you saw on TV Emmanuel Macron a crisis meeting in Paris, the Ministry of the interior. He then tweeted about the “solidarity of the whole Nation for Strasbourg”.

in fact, it can be now only on Macrons page. It seemed this week as if columns of the French after the televised speech of the President on Monday in one of two camps: 50% for Macron, 50 percent for the “yellow West” – around here gave it to the polls. But suddenly this is no longer so important.

This is also due to the role of the police. Nearly 90,000 security forces last weekend in the demonstrations of the “yellow vests”. This Wednesday morning, hundreds of civil servants to pursue the assassins alone, in Strasbourg, and every COP in the country has, on the instructions of the interior Ministry already, a profile of the offender.

It was the same police officers who have to attend to first Protest and then to the assassin. And of course all the supporters of the President, all his Ministers not to overwhelm the police and the Protest is set to plead now. Many will arrive.

Macron gets just above water

Especially since the French government has handled this Wednesday is differentiated with the challenges. You are not groped in the case, to speak in advance of terrorism. You even warned explicitly against, until, finally, the Prosecutor’s office in Paris emanates from Terror. Minister of justice, MS Nicole Belloubet, said, rather, why the imposition of a state of emergency was not appropriate.

The impression To react professionally, but not hysterical. As the security forces the demonstrations of the “yellow West” dealt. Despite all the ferocity of your actions, not a protester came so far by the police to seriously damage.

in The end, this can strengthen all Macrons authority, which saw a lot of destroyed. His Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner was this Morning during a visit to Strasbourg, is a symbol. Castaner visited the site of the bombing, the protected in the Morning by police officers allocated to Strasbourg city centre, was a tight security cordon. Nevertheless, he broke through the cordon to take a citizen, the people a little rude to the side, had pushed himself to the Hand and to point the right way. It was close to the people and the sovereign – despite all the tragedy of the previous evening.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.