again, It is Saturday and therefore the day of the yellow West is in France. You can demonstrate easy, “Nude XII” they call it, for the twelfth Protest Saturday in a row. But where are the leads?

“If the yellow vest means to ensure that work pays better and the Parliament is working better, then I am yellow vest”, served President Emmanuel Macron last of the protest movement. However it was clear that he still has no answer to the yellow West: “I go on the ice,” said Macron, announced however, “profound consequences” of the protests.

Exactly these consequences, but Economists from the environment Macrons, even for the most renowned controversial. An example of the economic professors, Elie Cohen, and Gilbert Cette. Cohen has taught previously at the national school of Administration ENA, the Macron, he shaped the economic thinking of today’s ruling tips in politics and the economy. Cette teaches at the University of Aix-Marseille and is regarded as the father of the labour law reform Macrons. He has the reputation to be the Peter Hartz, in France. Cohen and Cette worked on many studies in common. “Change the model”, is one of their most important joint works from the year 2014 (with Philippe Aghion as the third author), in which you propose to France many reforms to the German or Scandinavian model. Nevertheless, their responses to the yellow West apart today.

Median income stagnate since the financial crisis

it starts with the simplest demand of the protest movement to more purchasing power for the lower middle class. Lots of yellow vests say: We come with our low salaries of super markets, handicraft centres and hospitals at the end of a month not more. Cohen, you are right: It refers to the OECD studies, which show that since the financial crisis of 2008, the Stagnation of middle incomes. The same studies show a loss of income of the poorest 20 percent of the population at large gains of the richest top percent.

Elie Cohen (archive photo)

“Whether it’s yellow the West, in France, Brexit advocates in the UK, Trump voters in the United States or the AfD-voters in Germany – they all stand for a revolt of the middle class against the tyranny of the dominant, conformist economic thought,” says Cohen. He refers to the new chief economist of the international monetary Fund (IMF), Gita Gopinath, according to which “the inequality in the industrialized countries has become unbearable”, but many do not want to admit the still. “The West is waiting for a new Roosevelt and a new Keynes, but you see still do not appear,” says Cohen, referring to the social policies of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the thirty years, which was based on the ideas of the economic theorist John Maynard Keynes.

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Cohen’s friend, Gilbert Cette, but the yellow of the West-a phenomenon looks quite different. Cette is taken aback, given the economic ignorance of its own population. “The yellow West, and its broad support in the population show a total lack of understanding of how much each individual Frenchman of his state is supported,” says Cette. From his point of view, the French are completely insufficiently aware of how well the redistribution from the rich to the Poor in France works.

Finally, the state’s share of the French gross domestic product was 56 percent, which is higher than in any other European country. Hospitals, schools, roads, public transport: nothing is perfect, but everything is already working in France in comparison to many countries is exemplary.

the consumer benefited more than in other countries, says Cette. Since the introduction of the Euro in 1999, the purchasing power of French households have increased by 19 percent, in Germany only 17 per cent, and in Spain around seven percent. In Italy, they went back to five percent. “Macron has much, if he wants to teach the French the finally,” says Cette.

have to explain to Macron, more or pay more?

so, Who is right, Cohen or Cette? Cohen is more of a world economist, he sees France in the mirror of global Trends. “If the redistribution does not work, we need to stop the liberalisation,” he warns, out of concern for the condition of the Western democracies. The yellow vests are for him proof of the “suppressed Bad” in our societies. Their claims were based on more people’s desires against the System of representative democracy. At this point, Cohen and Cette come together again: “The yellow West is the hallmark of a desire to want the System do not understand. They are simply asking for more,” says Cette.

Emmanuel Macron

What follows but the President of Macron from such criticism should end it? It is enough to explain, “more”, as this requires? Or he will have to pay more, as Cohen calls? Cohen advises the President, the stop for the pension increases, and to link pension rates to the Inflation. “He has 17 million fewer critics,” says the Economist. He also calls for an additional tax rate for high income earners, a kind of rich is expensive, even if it is a rather symbolic measure. The important message is: It will again redistribute more from top to bottom!

Macron is time to consider which way to go. The educational of Cette, for the further material concessions only to the French about the Korean war would confirm, or the social of Cohen. On the ice, but only he does not go. “The curious this time is that there is nothing more sure,” commented the left-liberal Paris newspaper “Le Monde”. Except that on Saturday, the yellow demonstrate of the West.

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