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Nearly seven minutes long, Angela speaks to Merkel, what you discussed with the other heads of state and government of the EU at the Brussels summit on Thursday and Friday. It’s the Brexit, the next long-term budget of the EU, Russia and the sea of Azov. Only at the very end, the Chancellor turned to the Euro zone budget, perhaps the most important part of the EU reform plans of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

it takes exactly one Minute.

Sure, the Euro zone, the budget should be an Item in the future budget of the EU. However, there is little left of Macrons great idea, with many billions of euros in emergency EU-States, under the arms, clammy grip. Of course, All this is at least a beginning – and both Macron, as well as Merkel is smart enough to sell the results of the Summit as a success.

in Front of a dark blue Background and the Tricolor Macron priced in the Euro-decisions as a “decisive breakthrough in the plans, submitted by France a year ago,” and praises the cooperation with Merkel. “We play a historical role, together with Germany, to move forward.” In the room next door, Merkel is doing the same. You have agreed on Macrons proposals “in the Version in which all the countries of the Eurozone can participate in,” says the Chancellor. Both you and Macron were “quite satisfied, that is now managed”.

Europe has Macron hang

but The truth is bitter: Europe has Macron hang. Since Friday afternoon, the “window of opportunity” that has so often been mentioned is closed. At the EU summit has passed in the Euro zone to reform as expected, only minimal steps. There will be an additional stats screen for ailing banks and the Euro rescue ESM receives new tasks. That’s not nothing, but it is also not a departure.

This is especially true for the Euro zone budget. In the final Declaration of the Brussels summit, only a skinny heel, in which not even the word Euro zone budget occurs to the budget. The money is to be spent on it to make Euro members more competitive. Explicitly not the stabilisation function of the budget, the Macron was important. The aim is to support with loans in the event of a crisis, the unemployment systems in the member States.

The Minister of Finance will now submit proposals for the design of the budget. About the size of the pot, the Macron originally wanted to fill with several percent of the EU’s economic performance, losing the heads of state and government, not a word. You’ll set this in the context of the negotiations on the next multiannual budget of the EU. To be at the earliest completed in the fall of 2019. Before you want to find out until June a “General approach” for the properties of the Euro zone budgets.

Translated, that means: First of all, nothing happens. In may 2019, Europe is a choice, a new Commission must find. Well possible that the next crisis is forcing the Europeans to Act.

Germany vacillates, Austria brakes

It had all started so full of promise. A few days after the election, Macron was introduced in the fall of 2017, his Vision for a reformed EU. The receivables to the Euro were only a small part of this public brainstorming sessions, but the most important thing. Together with the German Chancellor, the French President wanted to reform the EU.

But the formation of a new government in Berlin took. When finally the coalition agreement with his EU-friendly introduction to the Chapter was finished, he was not worth the paper on which it was written. Although it was agreed in June in Meseberg, to try it together with reforms. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) struggled in night-long meetings with his French colleague, Bruno Le Maire to bring something to the Euro zone Budget paper.

But in the end, all that remained hesitant, the German-French engine started. Added to this was the growing resistance from other EU States. There are those EU-States like Poland or Sweden, which do not belong to the 19 members of the Eurozone. It remains a mystery why a Budget should agree to be separated from the actual EU budget, and you would have nothing.

Macron itself threatens to be the financial sinner

But also from the Eurozone, there has been massive criticism, especially from the Netherlands and Austria. “I am no friend of the Euro zone budgets”, the Vienna head of the government, Sebastian Kurz, in Brussels know. The EU had already a Budget. A separate Euro-zone budget “would cost the taxpayers very much money”.

Before fiscal policy are closely moving together, the favorite argument of the critics, it is necessary to reduce the risks in the Euro zone. As a Prime example, the plans of Italy to apply the most right-wing nationalists and left-wing populist, to increase the national debt massively. But, of all things, Macron self-is now threatening to end up in the Club, the financial sinner. The social and political blessings which he has promised to the “yellow West”-the protesters, could lead to France pulls back the limit of three percent of debt.

Early doubts about the Image of the model European

This is battered Macrons authority in Brussels. A reformed France, which keeps for a long time, back to the rules of the stability and growth Pact, the Macrons promise to the Europeans – and especially the reform partners in Berlin. The see but for now: If it is tight for him, the French President, the EU financial rules no matter.

feel Confirmed are expected to have trust even those that Macron has always been miss. He attempts, like all others, the interests of his country to enforce blasphemed the representatives of several EU countries, including Germany. The facade of the great European, was just that: a facade.

a Long time to forget the euphoria that has, for large parts of the rest of Europe Macrons election victory over the right populist Marine Le Pen celebrated acts. The one and a half years ago – and the right-wing populists could strike back soon. First of all, with Matteo Salvini, head of Italy’s right-wing Lega. He wants to put in the European elections as Macrons great against players in the scene.

Combined : With big plans for Europe, Emmanuel Macron was launched – now little is left of it. The recent EU summit was for the French a disappointment, even if he sells it to the outside otherwise. Especially the idea of a Euro zone budget took place in Europe, numerous critics. The authority of Macrons is shaken, now the emerging right-wing forces, they smell just your Chance.

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