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With his abrupt decision, in the round of 2000 US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted, Donald Trump met a Partner so much as Emmanuel Macron. The French government rejected the assessment of the U.S. President, the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IS) had been defeated, brusquely.

At the same time, the Ministry informed the foreign in Paris, you’ll try to close the gap Trump the U.S. withdrawal, as well as it goes: “In the coming weeks, will seek France, to ensure the safety of all U.S. partners, including the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF).”

The SDF are of Kurdish fighters dominated militia Alliance, which is equipped in October 2015 from the West and formed. With the support of air the US-attacks-led military coalition has managed the SDF, the IS in Syria is largely to push back. The jihadists are in control of only a small territory in the Euphrates valley, near the Iraqi border.

While the SDF can be estimated by the West as a disciplined fighting force against the IS, referred to the Turkey, the Alliance as a “terrorist army”. Ankara fears that Kurdish militiamen in the North-East of Syria to form an independent Proto-state that could be a role model for the Kurds in Turkey. Exactly wants to prevent Turkey and has therefore announced a military offensive, with the help of the SDF from the border region and from the area around the town of Manbij, to the West of the Euphrates are to be marketed.

French troops, show the flag

France has stationed since 2016 its own special forces in Northern Syria, which are the SDF. Their exact number, the French government keeps secret, experts from the Paris Think Tank Institut Français des Relations Internationales of around 200 soldiers. For Macron, the fight against the IS has a much higher priority than it is for Trump: The terrorist attacks of 13. November 2015 in Paris were planned from Syria. Around 1700 the French have joined since 2014 the IS, about 260 of them are yet returned. Last stop of the IS-trailer Chérif Chekatt in Strasbourg has led to the potential for violence of Jihadism in France.

In the days after trump’s announcement have shown the French troops demonstrative presence, they patrolled on the banks of the Sadschur. The tributary of the Euphrates river the boundary line marked between the Turkish troops and their local allies controlled territory and the territory ruled by the SDF.

This patrol should clearly show in practice what France thinks that if it “wants to ensure the safety of all U.S. partners.” In Turkey, this was not good. The attempt “to support Kurdish terrorists” in Syria, to help “neither France nor the YPG,” said Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. The YPG is the military backbone of the SDF, but as a Syrian branch of the Kurdish PKK and is therefore regarded by Ankara as a terrorist organization.

French troops side by side with Assad’s soldiers?

The Turkey-backed Syrian militias on the North shore of the Sadschur a ground offensive on Manbij prepare. Therefore, a direct military confrontation between two Nato partners: Turkey, on the one hand and France on the other hand, now threatens, in the worst case. However, it should be Macron hardly arrive: The French troops in Syria to Turkey and its local allies are far below and could areas a rise hardly stop to it. With the withdrawal of US units, you also lose your most important partners, they supported logistically and secret service.

more Likely, therefore, that the French presence is delaying the Turkish advance only. May Paris. together with other EU-partners to Turkey a few concessions from them to make sure that the security interests of the SDF to stay, at least East of the Euphrates respected

But also this could bring France into trouble, namely, when the Kurdish militia forces in the Syrian government asking for support against the advancing Turks. Then the French troops and the army of dictator Bashar al would suddenly find-Assad together on the side of the Kurds. It would be a new, bizarre Volte in the Syrian civil war.

Summary: France has stationed since 2016, around 200 special forces in northeast Syria. You support the Kurds-dominated military Alliance SDF. Turkey has announced that the SDF from the field distribute. In order for a military confrontation between Nato partners Turkey and France threatens, in the worst case. It is unlikely that it will be Emmanuel Macron on it to arrive. Possibly Paris can be used to delay but also the Turkish Offensive.

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