A 97-year-old former concentration camp guard does not have to answer for his actions before a court. The Frankfurt regional court said. The main procedure will not be opened, because the man’s hearing was due to illness capable of.

The Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am Main had risen in August 2017 charges against the man. He was accused of accessory to murder.

The then-22-year-old Accused performed according to the indictment, between August 1943 and January 1944 as a member of the fifth company of the SS death’s-head sturmbanns regular guard duty in Majdanek in occupied Poland. He should be with the security of the camp and of the guard of the killing of certain prisoners is concerned.

In particular, it was accused of the 97-Year-old, on 3. To November 1943, the so-called “action harvest festival” supports, at least 17,000 were deported Jewish prisoners were shot in the concentration camp in specially dug trenches. With his work as part of a post chain, as well as a tower guard, he made a contribution, and the insidious and cruel deeds knowingly and willingly promoted.


The decision to open a procedure, whether a comprehensive medical assessment in advance, informed the court now. A reviewer came to the conclusion that through a process of “significant risk” for “life and body” of the man. The decision is not yet final, the public Prosecutor and in addition to a lawsuit can file an appeal.

in 2015, had been spoken in Lüneburg, the “Auschwitz bookkeeper” Oskar Groening is guilty, although he didn’t kill anyone. This judgment was confirmed in 2016, in a historic decision by the end of 2016, the Federal court of justice. There is the offence of aid has been understood.


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