MakeIt officials demonstrate the company’s recent exploit of exceeding 300,000 in the number of its YouTube channel subscribers. Photo courtesy of MakeIt

No. of subscribers triples in less than 5 months

MakeIt, which runs ETF Trend brand in Korea, saw the number of subscribers to its YouTube channel triple in less than five months, the outfit announced this week.

The Seoul-based company operates a YouTube channel dubbed E-Trend, which bagged the Silver Play Button for exceeding the 100,000 subscribers mark in August.

As of the end of last month, the user base topped 300,000 because a mounting number of people visit the YouTube channel that focuses on economy and stock market news.

In consideration of the company’s FaceBook followers and subscribers to its other social-networking services, the total fan base would be higher than half a million, according to MakeIt.

“We are putting forth efforts to deal with information asymmetry in the stock market. Toward that end, we collect and analyze financial data with which we make media content for people,” MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in said.

“We will continue to concentrate on offering convenient financial information to people under the business alliance with several brokerage houses this year.”

MakeIt has concentrated on an exchange-traded fund (ETF), which tracks an index as compared to index funds. ETFs have gained popularity across the globe thanks to their good performances. In Korea, MakeIt has spearheaded the campaign of promoting them.

The company has also come up with an all-life asset platform (ALAP), the artificial intelligence-powered trading system whose algorithm is incorporated into the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.