MakeIt employees pose after receiving the YouTube Silver Play Button at its head office in Seoul. The company’s YouTube channel saw the number of subscribers top the 100,000 mark this August. Photo courtesy of MakeIt

No. of subscribers almost doubles in 3 months

MakeIt, which operates ETF Trend brand in South Korea, said on Nov. 11 that the outfit had received the Silver Play Button from YouTube for surpassing the 100,000 subscribers mark.

MakeIt launched its YouTube channel “ETF Trend” midway through 2018 to see its user base top 100,000 as of this August.

The channel has provided various contents about economy and finance by interviewing experts from across the board, especially for individual investors.

In particular, the channel has chalked up a fast growth this year.

MakeIt said that the channel’s subscriber base almost doubled over the past three months to approach the 200,000 mark.

“We have attempted to offer quality content by featuring famed experts in economy and finance. Such efforts seem to help us win the hearts and minds of investors,” MakeIt CEO Park Soo-in said.

“As a fintech start-up, we will continue to do our best to provide competitive contents to retail investors.”

On top of the YouTube channel, MakeIt currently runs Trade Study, which is aimed at offering financial education. It also owns a news media on ETF, short for exchange-traded fund.

ETFs track an index as compared to index funds. They are regarded as low-risk investments thanks to their diversification, low management fees, and high price visibility.

ETFs have gained popularity across the world thanks to their stellar performances. And in Korea, MakeIt has vehemently promoted ETFs.

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