Yuanta Securities Global Investment Director Yoo Dong-won, left, holds an agreement with MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend founding CEO Park Soo-in after signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at a Yuanta office in Seoul on July 1. Under the two-way partnership, the companies plan to develop an artificial intelligence-based financial system. Photo courtesy of MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend

Promising Korean startup signs an MOU with top-tier brokerage house

MakeIt, which operates the Korea ETF Trend brand, said on July 3 that the Seoul-based company had teamed up with Yuanta Securities to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based financial system.

Toward that end, senior officials of the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on July 1 at the office of Yuanta in Seoul. Yuanta is a major brokerage house in the country.

MakeIt is a prominent startup, which aims to provide custom-made information for investors. In particular, the outfit has a specialty in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which have caught on both at home and abroad over the past several years.

MakeIt has run Korea ETF Trend, a popular hybrid media offering detailed information about ETF, and Trade Study, a channel designed to provide financial education.

Based on the cooperation with Yuanta, we will share information about ETF, securities, and funds. In addition, we will co-develop an automatic trading system to help investors conveniently make informed decisions,” a MakeIt official said.

Leaders of the two companies also pinned hope on the bilateral alliance.

The partnership between MakeIt and Yuanta would enable investors to improve their investment portfolio as well as reducing entry barriers to the overseas investment,” Yuanta Securities Global Investment Director Yoo Dong-won said.

We vie to offer unprecedented services by coming up with financial information via a unique media platform,” MakeIt’s founding CEO Park Soo-in said.

As far as the ETF is concerned, MakeIt and Korea ETF Trend have been a trailblazer in South Korea.

On top of media services and an education channel, MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend published a series of books. Last month, it introduced “Korea ETF Trend 2020 vol. 1” to offer detailed information about ETF.

In September, the entity is scheduled to launch an automatic trading system named ALAP, which stands for All Life Asset Platform.