MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in, second from left, pumps her fist with TokenPost chief Kwon Sung-min, third from left, after agreeing to forge a strategic partnership in Seoul on Nov. 11. On the left is MakeIt Research Center head Kang Heung-bo. Photo courtesy of MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend

‘Korea’s ETF trailblazer’ will cooperate with blockchain media outlet

MakeIt, which runs the Korea ETF Trend brand, said on Nov. 6 that it had minted a strategic partnership with TokenPost, a media outlet providing news and analysis about the blockchain industry.

Under the bilateral alliance, the two companies plan to share financial content and cooperate in new businesses to create a better ecosystem for blockchain-based media.

The collaboration is expected to underpin the initiative of TokenPost, which vies to make a new media environment based on its NEWS Token.

From the perspective of MakeIt, the Seoul-based outfit would be able to enrich its content platform so as to attract more people, who hope to have better financial information.

The partnership with MakeIt, which has spearheaded financial education for the middle class, has something to do with latest trends in the markets,” TokenPost CEO Kwon Sung-min said. “Through the measure, we will come up with differentiated services.”

TokenPost is an independent media outlet, which specializes in the blockchain industry. Its reporters are located in many countries across the world.

MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in said, “Individual investors are consumers and producers of the financial media market at the same time. We will improve our content platform on the back of technological competitiveness of blockchain-based TokenPost so that investors will be able to easily take part in the media ecosystem.”

MakeIt is a trailblazer in the South Korean exchange-traded funds (ETFs) market. ETFs are investment instruments designed to track an index as compared to index funds.

Thanks to their low management fees and high price visibility, ETFs have taken a firm root around the globe since its debut in the early 1990s. The products tapped into the Korean market in the early 2000s to be accepted enthusiastically by domestic investors over the past several yesrs.  

On the belief that ETFs are low-risk investments thanks to their diversification, MakeIt has encouraged people to make long-term investments in ETFs since the company’s launch in 2018.

Currently, MakeIt operates the Korea ETF Trend, a famed hybrid media offering detailed information about ETFs, and Trade Study, a channel aimed at providing financial education. MakeIt also runs a popular YouTube channel to promote ETFs.

Thanks to such efforts, MakeIt is regarded as a representative Korean player regarding ETFs _ it is dubbed an “ETF evangelist.” And it is now turning its eyes to overseas markets.

After establishing a strategic alliance with, a worldwide financial portal, earlier this year, MakeIt is also trying to find international partners to enhance its competitive edge.