In an attack on a UN base in the North-East of Mali, were killed on Sunday at least, ten “blue helmet” soldiers from Chad. As the UN Secretary General Antonio told Guterres, was attacked the base in Aguelhok by numerous armed attackers. The soldiers were, therefore, against the “complex attack”. Guterres condemned the attack.

In the case of the Fight at least ten Chad were killed of soldiers, and 25 more have been injured, the statement said. Minusma-chief Mahamat Saleh Annadif said it was a “shameful and criminal attack”. The identity of the attackers is still unclear.

The fighters used in the attack in the North-Eastern place of Aguelhok are also numerous vehicles that were equipped with weapons, such as the UN peacekeeping mission Minusma told. Islamist extremists in the Sahel region frequently use machine guns to flatbed trucks.

Since 2013, have been killed in Mali, 100 soldiers

The West African Mali since 2012, a staging ground for Islamist groups, who took back control of the North of the country. The former colonial power, France, a handle 2013 military and pushed back the Islamists.

But the more than 13,000 blue-helmet soldiers are always the target of attacks. The base in Aguelhok, 200 kilometres North of the town of Kidal on the road to the Algerian border, was last attacked in April 2018. Two blue helmets were killed-soldiers and several more were injured.

Since 2013, has been killed in Mali, more than 100 UN soldiers. Also, the Bundeswehr is participating in the use for the stabilization of the West African country. The soldiers are mostly stationed in Gao, about 400 kilometers South of Aguelhok. Especially in the North of the country dominated by the Sahara and to the South by the adjacent Sahel zone, a number of Islamist groups are active. Some of them have Links to Al-Qaeda, others have the Islamic state, swear Allegiance to.


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