in some EU countries a common practice, foreigners for money to nationalize carries with it, according to a report by EU-Commission as major risks. The sale of citizenships and visas to rich foreigners favoured, therefore, tax offences as well as organized crime.

The programs facilitated and possibly money laundering as well as corruption and endangered the safety, the Commission informed. The opacity of each procedure, and no pronounced cooperation between the 28 EU-countries enlarged the Problem.

“Golden passes” from 800,000 euros

The granting of citizenship and permanent visas fall within the competence of the member States, but the EU Commission is responsible, because with a European passport in all the other member States to travel, reside and conduct business.

Currently Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta, to offer their citizenship for sale. For the so-called Golden passports investment of 800,000 euros to two million euros in the respective country are needed. Here are the requirements according to the Commission, is lower than in the case of normal acquisition of citizenship. Twenty EU countries offer similar visas.

The Commission did not give a breakdown of the revenue of the States by the trade. They also presented a legislative proposal to combat possible misuse. Instead, a working group will be established to recommend by the end of the year, uniform rules and safety Checks for the programs. The European Parliament had made five years ago on the problems in the area.


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