Everywhere in the Berlin ministries, to be a similar picture: men in expensive suits and women in expensive costumes scurrying late into the night on the Linoleum steps, the Laptops full of Powerpoint presentations with recommendations for officials and with ideas for the Minister. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+.)

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In the Ministry of the interior planning, such as Germany goes online, in the Ministry of transport, such as road tolls will be collected, at the Federal office for Migration, such as asylum-seekers are managed.

Overall, the state now has an annual turnover of around three billion euros for a business consultant, estimates Dietmar Fink, Professor for management consulting and development at the University of applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. In just the past seven to eight years, the total volume had doubled around, reports the MIRROR in its current issue. The number is in line with the internal estimates of the major consulting companies.

consultants especially in IT projects

the Federal government for McKinsey, Roland Berger & co. is spending How much money, in itself, is unknown. A reliable official Overview is missing. According to research of the LEVEL the Federal government is comprehensive of consulting firms in support of immense sums, and in particular for their digitisation projects.

Alone, 47 million euros were paid to consulting firms to help the government, by 2022, an online citizens ‘ portal with 575 administrative services. Almost 20 million Euro is given the McKinsey-daughter Orphoz for consulting services around the so-called online access the law. And for the modernization of the Federal networks of the Ministry of the fins in the years 2016 and 2017, according to the Ministry of the interior, more than 36 million euros to consultancy firms.

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) sees the use of consultants overall, critically defended but their use in terms of digitization. Especially in IT projects, the use of External is often useful, because it was temporary tasks in specialized areas, says Seehofer of the MIRROR.

“The System is perverted,” says a former adviser

experts could complement the work of officials and the administration. “In the BMI are currently created many new jobs, such as in the area of Digital. This also happens, so that we can tackle the tasks ahead of us to the greatest possible extent.”

Extremely critical, even leading former adviser to assess the increasing dependence of the state: “The administration was broken saved, the Ministerial soul is gone,” says Markus Klimmer, he has built in Germany for McKinsey once the business with the public sector (“Public Sector”). The policy will remain hardly any other choice than to rely on consultants. “The System is perverted,” Klimmer. “The Public-Sector business has become so large, that it is the Cowboys attract.”

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