the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, after the attack on the Bremen AfD-Frank Magnitz-in-chief in the context of its public offender search a Video to the Internet, the the attack. On the shots from Monday evening to see how the member of the Bundestag Magnitz of a man with a hood is from the rear, mauled, and with the elbow apparently struck on the head.

The offender belongs to a group of three men. Magnitz, has both hands in coat pockets, crash after the attack to the ground and bangs his head. Then is to see how the perpetrators escape.

No impact-the subject

On Friday published video sequences of no impact the subject. To see that the injured lying on the ground 66-year-old politician will have occurred. The camera shows the scene of the crime, is triggered according to the Bremen police only through movement. As a result, the attacker would only be minimal delay visible.

the sequence of events was a debate. The Bremen AfD had written a few hours after the Robbery in a press release, the offender would have beaten Magnitz with a square wood unconscious, and then against Magnitz’ head kicked in, as this was on the ground. The video recordings do not prove this view.

according to The police, the AfD-politician Magnitz on Monday evening in Bremen, had been jumped from behind by a man. Prosecutors and police determined because of dangerous bodily injury. While check writing is also an alleged Confessor, in which it is, Magnitz had been attacked by the group “anti-fascist spring of Bremen”.

The presumption is that Magnitz had been beaten with a two-by-four, comes to the AfD data from two craftsmen who had been in the vicinity of the crime scene. This is not observed the Robbery, however, according to prosecutors.

In the Video: attack on Bremen the AfD-politician Magnitz

Video of the police of Bremen

Prior to the publication of pictures of party leader Jörg Meuthen had voted to make the recordings public. The “world,” he said, this step could deprive “any speculation in the basis”.

For information leading to the capture and final conviction of the offender, praised the Prosecutor’s office of Bremen, a reward of 3000 euros. The investigators ask for information at the phone number 0421 3623888.


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