admission of guilt for a lower sentence: in the United States arrested Russian woman has known of the illegal agent activity guilty. Maria Butina admitted in Federal court in Washington to have between 2015 up to her arrest in July 2017, under the guidance of a Moscow government representative in the United States operates, how the American media unanimously reported.

In return for the confession had made the public Prosecutor’s office, the 30-Year-olds a lower penalty in view.

Butina, the activist was as a Weapons active, should have tried to infiltrate the US gun lobby National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA is close to the Republicans of the US President, Donald Trump. At the hearing on Thursday, the Prosecutor’s office Butina accused according to the channel CNN, you’ve tried “to establish unofficial channels of communication with Americans, the Power and influence on US policy”.

Lavrov called for the release

The case against Butina not going back to the Russia-investigations of FBI investigator Robert Mueller. Mueller is investigating possible collusion by the representatives of the Trump camp and Russia in the presidential campaign of 2016. U.S. intelligence services accuse Russia tried to influence the US elections in 2016.

Butina was enrolled with a student visa in the USA and in Washington. The US Federal police FBI stopped the study for a cover of the agent activity. After their arrest had been issued against Butina detention due to flight risk.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had demanded the release of Border, and the allegations as fabricated. The Russian foreign Ministry launched an Internet campaign for the release. It is the profile and replaced the photo of the English-language Twitter Accounts of the Ministry with a photo Border. Also on Thursday, Border photo still was there in the profile picture.

CNN reported, Butina the threat of up to five years in prison. You’ll probably be allowed to Settle in a part of the penalty, be deported


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