With their self-portrayal on Instagram and YouTube girls and young women define themselves still largely based on traditional role models. To actress Maria Furtwängler and refers to several studies, the has given to you together with their daughter, Elisabeth, in order, and now in Berlin, will be presenting.

How to use young women a Chance, in the Web of individual expression? And how can they be in the process of influencer inside influence? The researchers have in on Instagram and YouTube examined on behalf of Maria and Elisabeth Furtwängler Foundation MaLisa. In a third study, gender was analyzed display in one of the 100 most popular music videos.

as early as 2017, the Foundation had drawn a comprehensive study on women in Film and television are under-represented. The new studies now come to a very similar result: the 100 most popular music videos, the 100 most popular YouTube channels and the Top 100 Instagram profiles-represented, women are only half as often as men, says a press release of MaLisa.

in Addition, the Occurrence based on traditional stereotypes:

On YouTube, women present according to the study, mainly in the private room, and about to give makeup tips, while the men cover a much broader range of topics. In music videos women are staged according to the investigation, the majority of “sexy and passive”. On Instagram especially, the women were successful, corresponding to a standardized ideal of beauty and fashion – or Beauty-related deal.

As a TV Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm resists Maria Furtwängler female stereotypes. In the “crime scene” on Sunday, you will meet your new colleague, played by Florence Kasumba, fight, funny, alpha-male-behaviour. In this Interview, she tells why you are making this debate fun, and why she finds the uniform of a woman in the Web is alarming and what needs to change in the usage behavior.


MIRROR ONLINE: What are the differences the researchers found in the self-presentation of girls and boys on YouTube?

Maria Furtwängler: Young women present themselves more in a private room and declare your activity as a Hobby. It is sewn, cooked, crafted, often it comes to beauty tips and Dating. Young men are much more likely in a public space and have a much larger range of expressive possibilities: Entertainment, Gaming, Comedy, or even politics. It seems to be very important that the women give you the feeling that you did everything in good spirits, and without effort, by the way.

MIRROR ONLINE: So the man as a professional in the world and the woman pretty smiling home?

Furtwängler: In sum, Yes. The well-known Influencer often strong Self-made Women, who manage themselves are make, your Image independently. A very successful Influencerin told me, they have. tried to show how logistically time-consuming and tiring this work is, I get then, but immediately on the lid of your followers

MIRROR ONLINE: And the young different?

Furtwängler: guys are allowed to show quite business-minded. Of course, it is also important here is the six-pack, but you have many options to show your Strengths. Girls all want to only see the perfect image.

MIRROR ONLINE: And it shall be when you please, nice not to work, but of course look like?

Furtwängler: Yes, no, and that’s funny. Purporting to be about authenticity, naturalness and spontaneity. But the production of a perfect, uncomplicated-looking image is incredibly time-consuming.

look like a Snapchat Filter

MIRROR ONLINE: The researchers examined hundreds of Instagram Posts. How try Teens, to optimize your images?

Furtwängler: girl zoom in with Apps, your Breasts, narrow your waist, lengthen your legs, young will make your legs more muscular, broaden your shoulders, and build a six pack. Girls are crazy to be thin and still have Boobs and butt. This combination is purely organic and is hardly feasible. Because if I am folding to drought, is not in the rule, the front and rear of lot. Because you can help out. We have a quote from a girl who says: I always make the legs look longer, because the natural looks.

MIRROR ONLINE: that is, request, pictures and reality are confused?

Furtwängler: In the U.S. there is already the phenomenon of “Snapchat Dysmorphia”: the girls go to a plastic surgeon, so they look in real life as on the filtered Snapchat images. It is also striking that the desire to nose has increased reductions, as the wide angle effect in the case of the Selfies has actually always be a huge tines in the face.

MIRROR ONLINE: But no one writes women and girls, to follow beauty stereotypes, or on hand work and focus makeup tips. How do you explain that female User to set still?

Furtwängler: It is an amazing normative Power that is exercised through the social media, although these platforms have offered, per se, a completely free space for individual self-presentation. It would be interesting to find out precisely how this scaling could be dominant. And why the economic interests of business have prevailed, the wish to create such a normalization with advertising or fueling. Women are more successful the more they are based on the narrow role specifications. The uniform image of women is alarming. It denies and ignores, in large Parts of female diversity.

MIRROR ONLINE: So beauty for women should be no scale?

Furtwängler: There is nothing to say that we want to be pretty. At the same time and must allow the concept of pretty or beautiful, but diversity. In General, the restriction is depressing that girls define their self-worth primarily on how many Likes they get for their looks and how many guys are keen on it. And it’s not just a question of whether you invented a great thing or something to be built or else a great achievement to have accomplished. This narrow corridor in which women move, it is very irritating, it is based on the image of women in the 1950s.

MIRROR ONLINE: , we Can say, however, that in the recent Social Media world progress compared to the classical media?

Furtwängler: I’m afraid no, rather the opposite. In the traditional media, the responsible move at least slowly in the direction of diversity and gender equality, to question stereotypical representations. In social media there is no control instance, and no ability to influence the. Of course, there are on all Social Media platforms for a wide range of self-expression, but an algorithm doesn’t care about diversity or the avoidance of stereotypes.

MIRROR ONLINE: What needs to be done, in your opinion?

Furtwängler: , schools need to provide more media literacy. Parents need to set the images apart, which emboss your children and yourself design. And we need to raise awareness, especially in the case of the influencer on the inside, how powerful your images are worlds, how they act in the subconscious. This is also my Motivation to engage me here, to analyze what we see and to come up with the Influencer, whose work I respect, about it in the discussion.

Furtwängler and Florence Kasumba

MIRROR ONLINE: As the scene of the crime Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm you make with your new Co-Commissioner Florence Kasumba alias Anais Schmitz, a real alpha women’s Team. How do you like that?

Furtwängler: I think it is very good, with Florence in the “crime scene”, the first female double-tip image, especially because of the dispute between the Commissioner is not hysterical, bitchy or whiny, but as between two guys with Aggression, eye-to-eye.

MIRROR ONLINE: And which is better? You need to corners very nicely once.

Furtwängler: Yes, isn’t it? But women are not the better man!

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.