cycle through the märkisches Viertel in Berlin, an eight-year-old Boy had been killed on Sunday by a heavy block of wood. The piece of a birch tree had been thrown from a balcony of a 15-storey high-rise building and hit the boy on the head.

Later, the police and the Prosecutor’s office stated that a ten year old from the neighborhood is supposed to have caused the tragic death. The ten year old was urgent suspicion, and given the fact now. Report of the “Bild” and “BZ” according to his family are now under police protection. The police and the Prosecutor’s office wanted to confirm the request or deny.

The investigators evaluated video recordings from the house of the victim. The apartment of the parents of the suspects was searched. It was ensured according to prosecutors, the clothes that had been worn in fact.

soon after the fact, rumors had come that another child could have thrown the piece of wood. The suspicious, ten-year-old can not be punished because of his age – children are not criminally responsible. Only from the age of 14 years, in Germany criminal law can be prosecuted.

The criminologist Rudolf Egg had referred to in 2016, it is extremely rare that children kill children. Maybe once in a year in Germany before coming. Egg launched until 2014, the criminological Central office, Wiesbaden.

An eye witness who witnessed the death of eight-year-old, had reported the block of wood was brought down “in a high arc”. Experts in the forensics had studied for hours numerous balconies. Witnesses and neighbors were interviewed. The about 30 cm thick and 40 to 50 centimeters long and part of the tree trunk should be located in front of the fact in the vicinity of the house.

“Why? You just wanted to play“

in Front of the house flowers were laid and candles lit. Also a Teddy bear to remember the boys. On a map, Why:”? You only want to play“.

residents and neighbors were horrified. The 21-year-old cousin of the dead boy said: “He was very active, everywhere, climbs, has played a lot. I think it’s just awful.“ The grieving father said his son was top of his class in mathematics.

The märkisches Viertel, a high-rise settlement, which was built in the ‘ 60s, on the Northern outskirts of West Berlin. 40,000 people live there in 17,000 dwellings. In the 70s and 80s, the satellite city was considered a problem area with crime and neglect. The housing companies strive since then to improve by investing the call.

residents had reported for several months, water bombs, garbage, furniture would be thrown parts and diapers from the balconies. The house administration before going, however, but barely.

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