The Republic of the Sudan is in a deep internal political crisis. The country between North and Central Africa, located at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile, is ruled for nearly 30 years with a hard Hand of Umar al-Bashir. But now his Power is challenged.

dash Since the 75-Year-old in December, the subsidies for bread, there is country-wide protests. Intimidation prevailed nothing. In the meantime, Baschirs security forces shoot regularly with live ammunition. A few days ago, a doctor was killed by a bullet when he treated on the floor, kneeling in an injured.

The Regime has now taken hundreds of people. According to official sources, so far 29 people have been killed. Human rights groups, however, expect at least 45 deaths.

pendant Baschirs during a Demonstration for the powers-that –

to The violence, with the help of Basheer has always been to be a country held together, could now be a diplomatic Problem. The reason: The dead and Hurt tarnish this better become the Image of his regime in the West.

Since the nineties of the Sudan was occupied with tough sanctions – only because of the alleged support of jihadists, then due to human rights violations in the Darfur Region. Bashir was accused of crimes against humanity even on the wanted list of the International Hague Tribunal. 2014 was set to be The Hague the procedure. A little later, the European Union recognised the Republic as a valuable Partner in the prevention of Migration. Through the country one of the most important escape and migration routes to the Mediterranean sea runs. Border guards of the dictatorship also learned of the Federal police. In the seminars, it was about the rule of law and good police work. In the United States have repealed under President Donald Trump sanctions against the country, which had arranged Bill Clinton.

All of these changes could not end the economic misery of the country. Particularly hard by the secession of South Sudan met with Sudanese in 2011. Three-quarters of the Oil-rich lost after decades of civil war to the new neighbors – so far, the main economic source of income of the regime in Khartoum. The result: a devaluation of the national currency, the risk of a Hyperinflation.

As early as 2018 queues in front of banks

formed in January, Although Bashir came in 1989 with the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Power. In the meantime, he has, however, of the Shiite protecting power and the Sunni Gulf States and Saudi Arabia are facing. The rulers in Riyadh and the United Arab Emirates support his Regime with billions of dollars. As against this, Bashir is involved in the Ten-country coalition, which is fighting in Yemen’s war against the Iran-supported Houthi rebels.

Last week, the UAE sent now first aid, as reported to the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Khartoum. For more aid from Turkey and Russia will follow, it said, especially of fuel and wheat. Also in Qatar, where Bashir hinreiste a few days ago, promised to Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani’s support for “unity and stability” in the Sudan. Egypt travelled to Basheer finally, on the weekend, after the visit to the military commander, Abdel makes Fattah al-Sisi, in his country, the people would try to copy the “Arab spring”.

Bashir in Cairo

Russia has for some time been a new and important Partner of the government of Bashir. Rumors that a private Russian security company to train the troops Baschirs and this increase, there are already longer. In the Wake of the current crisis, Moscow has confirmed officially for the first time, the Russian mercenaries in the Sudan.

This have “nothing to do with the Russian state,” said a spokesman for the Russian foreign official, according to Reuters news Agency. The battle-hardened men were alone in the Sudan, in order “to train military and police officers”. In the crackdown on the protests do not, however, mean it from Moscow.


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