the scandal, according to the Germans 0:3 in the Nations Cup against the Netherlands, defender Mats Hummels, the whole frustration of the past weeks exploded in an Interview he gave to the ZDF. He was quoted then wrong, to put it via Twitter and accused the “journalists” lack of seriousness.

Two days later, the Bayern Star apologized. “Since it is very important to me is assessed, correctly, and to be quoted, I would like to apologize to the ZDF for you to be wrongly accused, to have the distorted quote, which I had read on various other pages,” wrote the 29-Year-old also via Twitter.

In the spotlight Hummels’ statement that he had spoken directly after the final whistle to the ZDF microphone. “I believe, however, that it might not say all, but are thinking that we have delivered a game in which we could be three points”, had Hummels grumbled: “I’m often enough a critical. I don’t think we can blame a lot now. We have a good attitude on the court. We have to live on the place. We are working on. We have to play good situations’t miss it, but to reward us for that, too.“

In his first replica in the late evening of Saturday, Hummels had attacked particular, ZDF and Sky. His excuse, he sent to the public broadcaster.

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