the dispute between The governments in Rome and Paris coming to a head. Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini attacked the French President directly. Emmanuel Macron “talks a lot, but not achieved much,” scoffed Salvini.

“He teaches lessons in generosity, but then rejects thousands of migrants on the border to Italy,” said Salvini from the xenophobic Lega Nord party. He hoped, therefore, that the French will miss your “very bad President” in the European elections in may, a lesson, said Italy’s right-wing Vice-head of the government.

The current detuning between the governments goes back to Italy’s economy Minister Luigi Di Maio. The French foreign Ministry summoned on Monday the Italian Ambassador Teresa Castaldo, after Di Maio had accused France, to entertain, in fact, are still colonies in Africa.

“Matteo Salvini is an insult to the French people”

France would benefit from the poverty on the continent, said Di Maio. Migrants would be driven to the path across the Mediterranean to Europe. Only the “African (…) colonies” have been known in France for its world economic position, – said the head of the populist Five-star movement on Sunday. France saw it as “unacceptable and groundless Statements”.

Also on the latest rant Salvini’s an answer from Paris was followed by the prompt. The Head of the Ministry for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, said that the French had already decided the last presidential election – and against the right populist Marine Le Pen, but for Macron.

Teresa Castaldo

Loiseau wrote that she keeps the word message from Rome for, at best, superfluous. “Matteo Salvini offended the French. What the Italians have of it? Nothing. The difference in the political Situation in France? No.”

The relationship between the Italian and the French government has Long been strained. The Maio and Salvini had called at the beginning of January, the “yellow West”movement in France, “steadfast”. President Macron rule “against his people”, they said. The French government had demanded “respect” of the EU-partner country.


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