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Theresa May remains the Prime Minister. There are no elections. Labour does not have the Power. The are, matter of fact, the success of the Tory-Boss on this strange day in Westminster.

325 deputies to reject the motion of censure by Labour – is only one vote less than the Conservatives and their allies DUP seats in the British Parliament. Finally, it seems, the government are closed troops.

It is remarkable, how many setbacks May have survived in the past years, politically, defeats in Parliament and before the court that resignations of important companions, a near-disaster in the upcoming elections in 2017, the motion from the Tory group in December, the historical Failure of your Brexit Deals on Tuesday. And now, once again, a question of Confidence, this time against the government, tabled by Labour.

May is still there. However, it is clear that The madness of these days is not stood for a long time, even after this evening.

And so the Prime Minister turns on immediately after the announcement of the result back on the attack. “We will continue to work to fulfil the promise we made to the people of this country,” she says. It is going to be the Referendum – “and to leave the European Union”.

The Brexit, the unresolved mega – theme that gives the United Kingdom an uncertain future-and the Prime Minister. That May come again this time, but curiously, just with the mess that British politics is crippling for months.

Because while the deadlock in the preparing house with all the groups and factions of the Prime Minister in Brexit negotiations, the biggest Worry that comes to you this time.

None of their internal rivals trying to take on the responsibility. Labour could, in turn, requires the support of several Tory member of Parliament, to overthrow, May. But who would come for such a stark loyalty to the breakage of the question?

The ultra-conservative Brexit-hardline , may’s strongest opponent? Yes, it is politicians like Jeremy Corbyn to help a left-to new elections. And also the Pro-Europeans under the Tories hold the head of the Labour party for not portable. In addition, Labour is itself divided on the Brexit deep. Corbyn wants a new Deal, pushing others, in turn, to a second Referendum.

In the melee was already clear: this vote may bring May hardly be the case. It would, in particular, public displeasure, apparently not in the interest of the population. 53 per cent want to, according to a recent survey that the government assigns.

May will now be able to devote back to the Brexit – and that is sorely needed. Because the fronts are hardened as ever. May’s Deal with Brussels will be rejected by the various sides. The one fighting tooth and nail for a Brexit, without compromise. Others want to stay in the EU. Some of the disturb, in turn, tend to the Details of the of May with Brussels negotiated exit contract. Also, more than two and a half years after the Brexit Referendum, there are no this situation a serious movement.

And this is also true for May.

Immediately after their rout on Tuesday evening, the Prime Minister had announced talks with “leading members of Parliament”. She wanted to find out together with representatives of other parties, for the support of the house necessary.

Theresa May in the house of Commons before the vote of no

trust p> Just: May made it immediately clear that there were certain “principles”. In the weekly question and answer session in the Parliament, said on Wednesday that any proposal must create new opportunities for the UK to operate with the “Rest of the world” trade.

for a long time the head of government independent trade and the limitation of immigration has defined as the Central criteria of an EU exit, the bears, in their view, the will of the people in the Referendum in 2016, bill.

But membership in the EU customs Union is the core demand of Labour. And the customs Union excludes that individual countries conclude their own free trade agreements.

On Wednesday evening, May concretize your offer: she wanted to invite the leaders of the other parties, to individual conversations, she says, immediately after surviving a second no-confidence vote. It is a small Surprise. Previously it was said that May wanted to waive a conversation with Corbyn. On the same evening the first Meeting in a “constructive spirit to take place,” says May.

See the scenes in the Video:


The reactions: behavior. Head of the Labour party Corbyn continues its participation in one condition May exclude a withdrawal without an agreement, he answers promptly. Similar to reports from the ranks of the liberals. And Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish SNP, wants to talk to May only, if you a deferment of the discharge date on the 29. March, and a second Referendum is considering.

However, even when May comes to the opposition parties, however, still remains in a Dilemma: With every step, she is going about to Labour, threaten your losses at the right edge of your own party.

advance of a parliamentary group for a second Referendum?

Until Monday, the government must present a Plan for how you want to process. May the well-known options: a modified agreement with Brussels, or exit without a Deal. A further referendum or new elections has excluded them. So far.

Meanwhile, the plans of individual members, however, are always of concrete, to take the Initiative. On Thursday, about 71 Labour known to have seconded a second Referendum , supporters in the ranks of the Tories. A majority of you have not currently. Nevertheless, you could have the car next week in Parliament a push. The Labour-tip reserves the right, however, further motions of censure, so as to reach new elections.

The Brexit-Committee of the Parliament, in turn, a further idea brought on Wednesday into the game: sample ballots, to determine which proposal could find a majority. If that doesn’t work, should speak in the Parliament for the postponement of the discharge date.

A solution that is clear, too, would not be still in sight.

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