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A little it looks this evening in the house of Commons, as would be any normal debate. Occasionally, papers are on the green-padded benches, few people in the room: The microphones is a catch, as some of you chat, although others are holding a speech.

All very normal you might think. This is a particularly important evening. It is the future of the UK and the exit from the EU. The members are allowed to bring their own proposals to the Brexit to the vote.

But now, immediately before the elections starts, fall the important decisions inside the room, but in the back rooms of the Parliament building. For example in the European Research Group (ERG).

The influence of the Organisation of the Tory rich-hard-liners have rejected Theresa may’s opt-out Deal with the EU. Now, however, the Brexit-Ultras move. Advise you how to in the upcoming voting behavior. Many of you will agree, finally, that you want to support an application by Graham Brady, the support of Theresa May negotiated Deal, under one crucial condition.

The Prime Minister to negotiate in Brussels, the Backstop new, those controversial stopgap for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. This rule could bind the UK permanently to the EU customs Union – that does not fit in turn, many Conservative.

the help of Mays adversaries

Then it goes back into the hall and there in the vote in the lower house, it is the voices of those hardliners, the help that the EU is not buried Deal, the Prime Minister now. Ironically, their fiercest adversary, had decisively helped that may’s agreement was quashed in mid-January in Parliament.

317 parliamentarians, however, vote for the Brady amendment, only 301. The members meet an explicit request of the Prime Minister: “Today we must send a strong message about what we want,” May had stressed in the afternoon. “I want to return with the least possible mandate to Brussels.”

May had been behind Brady’s Initiative. She had promised to fight in Brussels to new binding Commitments.

As the seven votes, can the head of government by breathe. Something Better was in this complicated Situation is not in it for you. Finally, you can refer to a majority in London. The EU Negotiators, you can say: Look, we just need to put the Backstop Passage, then we can enforce our agreements.

at this Moment, it does not matter that in the EU-Commission to the fact hardly anyone has more desire. It is the rare Moment of unity of the Conservatives is now.

joy clouded

But may’s joy is likely to be still clouded.

a Total of seven applications were presented to the Parliament on this day to the vote – six a Unger should apply Brexit without agreement to prevent, or at least less likely to make.

One came from Caroline Spelman, the former Tory environment Minister, and the Labour MPs Jack Dromey. Your Text was particularly scarce: The Parliament should reject “that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without an exit agreement and a framework for the future relationship”.

Spelman, and Dromey were: 318 parliamentarians voted for your request, 310. It is at least a small defeat for May. You had criticized all Attempts, a “No Deal”scenario, exclude, always sharp. The Horror-scenario of an unregulated Brexits served in Brussels, always as a threat.

result binding

But whether you can put on it now, must only still show up. Just against a unregulated outlet, said May later, in a short speech, “is enough to stop this”.

Video: may’s speech after the votes (engl.)


in fact, the vote for the government is not legally binding. In addition, Spelman, and Dromey to remain in the Vague, you give no concrete instructions.

was going to do different than Yvette Cooper. The Labour MPs wanted to make the way for a law-free, that the government would be forced, if necessary, to a postponement of the Brexit-date on the 29. To push March.

This Initiative of the deputies reject again. A real success for the Prime Minister.

ambivalence in the house of Commons

Once more has shown the ambivalence in the British house of Commons. The Brexit has divided the members of the groups and factions, which are based already at your party. There are many wishes and ideas are bandied about, and a clear majority for a clear Plan it is difficult to imagine.

And so it is that the parliamentarians Mays negotiation of strengthening its position in Brussels, by giving it a concrete claim. At the same time they demand something that can accept EU.

A hard Brexit without a Deal, the members reject, however, – that, in turn, with emphasis.

Yes, what is it now?

The key question now is whether the EU is ready to continue on the UK approach. President of the Council Donald Tusk made the evening prompt is clear: renegotiation, there is not.

Probably is likely to still come in the coming days, a new Plan from London to the game. It is a rare compromise between the ERG-in-chief and designated EU-enemy Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Proeuropäerin Nicky Morgan.

the Plan they had developed too late for the vote on Tuesday. Their idea of The Backstop is to be re-negotiated, and you want to extend the agreed with the EU a transition period until the end of 2021. This shall not apply, if London and the EU. In return, Britain will pay its bills in Brussels.

There, the Plan enthusiastically. Theresa May must now change. If it doesn’t work, would once again be completely open, as it goes on. In this case, the government announced boss, wool at 13. February come back with an explanation to the steps in front of Parliament. On the following day, the deputies should vote on it. It would be Mays next stop on the way to the Brexit. Output is uncertain.

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