Maybrit Illner wanted to know if “criminal Clans are out of control”. It was a robbery, extortion and murder. The keyword “No-go Areas” was called. The Name Bushido fell. And Illners Thesis was, “the Arab family clans” were “only on TV entertaining” – an allusion to the Berlin game at the end of the TV series “4 Blocks”. With your guests, what to do discussed, in order to get the Clan a handle on crime.

The optical desperate act of the Night: existed from the start. Shishas, at the upper ends of the hose guns are fixed, the shooting on a map of Germany – this was the picture, with the in a grossing film the subject was outlined. Instead of the taken-slide show-appearance, and so the Aesthetics of a bad ball game.

The occasion of the Night: Why this topic? You felt comfortable explaining. Sebastian Fiedler, the Chairman of the Federation of German criminal police officer, said, “the problem of consciousness” had become stronger. You have a “very reactive criminal policy”. Clan-crime had already been 15 years ago, clearly described, politically, there had been but no back cover for the police work. Now will be discussed the topic to a greater extent, so it is also politically on the Agenda.

The instruments of the Night: The impression of inaction, just wanted to let Dirk Behrendt, green Senator for justice in Berlin: “We use the legal possibilities,” he said, in particular, to Asset recovery. Land would be confiscated, even cars. “We don’t want to show, crime does pay.” Herbert Reul, the CDU-Minister of the interior in North Rhine-Westphalia, presented approximately as a proponent of drop-out programs and “permanent stitches” by the police.

The family aspect of the Night: it is a migration researcher Ralph Ghadban focused. Clans are hardly any wandering, because the members that nothing Criminal would do, would be silent.

The appeal of the Night: More resources for the police, the Sebastian Fiedler’s message was. You need units that took care of it over the years to nothing more than Clans. “We will not be able to achieve short-term success here. This will not happen.”

The defenders of the Night: lawyer László Anisic, whose clients are also members of the Arab families, brought a new Twist. He formulated the rule of law, of course – and showed that the discussion had used up to then a quite Striking: “That all carry the same last name, makes not all Criminals,” he said. The concept of the clan it does not give legal, in contrast to the gang: A gang is composed of at least three people who have agreed to commit a crime. The band charge in the room, he could listen about lighter phones. He’ll take note of that “constantly by the bands of the speech” was not stand up in court. “If the Skat games, it’s not a gang.”

Of kinship ethnographic digression of the Night: Ralph Ghadban said, in order to obtain the “Clan-solidarity”, is the endogamy in Berlin “is much larger than in Lebanon”. In English: “marry each other.” Weak point and strength of the Clans at the same time, the women””. He’s asking for years, a dropout program for you, in order to weaken the solidarity within the extended families on a permanent basis.

The comparison of the Night: What is the Mafia of the Arab Clans vagina? The Italian politician and Anti-Mafia activist Laura Garavini said that the Mafia was “substantially less conspicuous” because they know that spectacular acts of violence, repression generated, and therefore “against the interests of organised crime”. The Mafia is networked around the world.

The political Transfer of the Night: root for the emergence of criminal structures, the round discovered is that the people who had fled at the time from the Lebanese civil war to Germany, would not receive a work permit. “A totally screwed up policy of integration” was Sebastian Fiedler. CDU politician Reul supported the. You must take care of it, that “the New”, which had now come to Germany, would be integrated. The Refugees of today, as a potential Clan-Criminals of tomorrow – that was the Subtext.

The important sentence of the Evening: He came from Laura Garavini. After almost exclusively by Arab, Italian and Kurdish Clans spoken had been, she said: “The discussion is running in the wrong direction, if we widely used the concept of organised crime is foreign.”

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