Four young asylum seekers sitting in detention, extreme Right-wing party, the policy discusses the consequences of migration policy – the alleged beating, attacks on passers-by in Amberg continue to swirl.

Michael Cerny , Born in 1964, is since 2014 a mayor of the city of Amberg. In an Interview, the CSU politician, describes how he experienced the days after the incident and what consequences he desires.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Cerny, there was something in Amberg?

Michael Cerny: That asylum-seekers for no reason at passers-by take that was previously unheard of.

MIRROR ONLINE: That young people brawling to start, but it is not so unusual.

Cerny: groups of young people to commit, especially under the influence of alcohol, unfortunately, often of violence. The firm comes to town, in the context of sport events, at the Fair. Also in Amberg. In this case, is experiencing particularly much attention, because the perpetrators of asylum seekers.

MIRROR ONLINE: , such As the ratio of asylum seekers in the city?

Cerny : We have no major problems. It was in the accommodation, a couple of frictions. But actually the Integration is going very well.

MIRROR ONLINE: What is your vision for a successful Integration is necessary?

Cerny : Often Integration is the task of the municipalities to be seen. However, it is a common challenge. Also the Federation and the Länder should take the issue more into focus. The financial and human support is also one of over a longer period of time. People live here, after all.

MIRROR ONLINE: extreme Right-wing groups claim, they would now patrol in Amberg. What do you think?

Cerny : That were, apparently, four men of the NPD from Nuremberg, Germany, gymnastics, a little on the lions in front of the town hall. The NPD tries to guess the Situation to exploit politically. Similar to the one we are experiencing now in the AfD. The now want to discredit the work of the police. I think that’s inappropriate, and it is the topic in any way. The police has done a good job.

MIRROR ONLINE: How do you find the attention of the city now given?

Cerny : as the Lord mayor of the need. On new-upper-Palatinate: For us, the ‘too much’. We had the misfortune, in the media new year hole. The reaction is completely over-dimensioned.

MIRROR ONLINE: Not only the media have taken up the case, her party, Horst Seehofer, has used the process to again call for a tightening of the asylum law. What do you think?

Cerny : I would have liked to see that Mr Seehofer wouldn’t have taken, of all things, Amberg on the occasion for his claims. The security situation here is good. On the other hand, the Federal government is committed to the Minister of the interior, to design the laws in such a way that they correspond to the sense of Justice of citizens. I can understand that. The Federal government must be discussed in a parliamentary process, whether and what are the consequences of these cases. But I am very confident that you will come to a good result.

MIRROR ONLINE: you will Find that the perpetrators should be severely punished?

Cerny : I have the utmost confidence in our rule of law. The justice system will find an appropriate sentence to be imposed. But I’m not going to interfere in the judiciary, this is not for me.

MIRROR ONLINE: The deeds of Amberg and Bottrop, where a man in the new year’s eve nachtaus probably racist motifs in groups of people went, are now often mentioned in the same breath. Is that justified?

Cerny : The acts are not comparable. If someone with a clear killing driving intention in a crowd of people, this is a difference to the rampaging, drunken young people. The deeds to lie time close to each other.

MIRROR ONLINE: What has shocked you in the last few days at the most?

Cerny : of The hatred and the xenophobia, which I know by reactions on social networks, via E-Mails and phone calls. I didn’t know that in Germany there is so much racism.

MIRROR ONLINE: , the CSU has provoked in the past year, in the migration policy, and always with a sharp Tone. What makes a society?

Cerny : I plead always for a solidary urban society. On a larger level, it’s supposed to work in the state. We can do this but only if all sides disarm rhetorically. We must take care that we talk about the things that work well for us, as the judiciary or the police, bad. That would be my wish.

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