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The British Parliament is to vote on Tuesday on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiated exit agreement with the EU. A rejection is likely. Thus, an unregulated EU threatens the end of March-the outlet, with serious consequences for the economy.

With an appeal in the newspaper “Sunday Express” warns May, the members of now, to refuse to consent to your Deal. This would be a “disastrous breach of trust”, since the majority of the British people have spoken in the Referendum in 2016 for a Brexit, many had at the time, the “first Time in decades,” the process of political education, want to participated”. These people wanted their voice to be heard. “We can’t disappoint – and must not – you.”

May: “My message to members is simple: put an end to the game. We now need to do what is best for our country is the right thing to do.”

Loses to May in the Parliament, threatens the United Kingdom a more abrupt departure from the EU, with many legal and economic uncertainties.

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