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Theresa May, visited on Monday, a children’s hospital in Liverpool. A couple of pictures with nurses and patients, a speech about the British health system the NHS, a message on Twitter: “The NHS,” wrote May, the citizens turned, “is your number one priority – and mine, too.”

The appointment was scheduled for longer, but the Signal of the British Prime Minister in these crucial days is still clear: There are other issues in the United Kingdom. Other topics as the Brexit.

the addressee are likely to be those that are in escalation, and the EU-exit in the length of want to draw – by Mays Brexit-torpedo Deal with Brussels.

New event: 15. January

In December had to be cancelled, May in the short term, the vote in the house of Commons about the agreement. The Tory Boss saw then no Chance to organize a majority for the Deal.

15. January should be rescheduled the vote now. But first, the members continue the debate – this Wednesday it goes on in Parliament. May himself also speaks in the house of Commons. Has changed your situation?

In recent days, the Prime Minister has once again brought a lot of talks with EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, with the Dutch head of government Mark Rutte.

It is the attempt of the Europeans but still concrete Commitments from which May your opponents in the home can soothe. It is mainly about the so-called Backstop – the stopgap, the UK remains in the EU customs Union, we should agree on a trade agreement. Thus, a hard limit on the island of Ireland is to be prevented. Hard-liners in Britain fear an eternal dependence on Brussels.

final advertising campaign

The weekend started in May of their final Brexit campaign Interview with a guest contribution in the “Mail on Sunday” and a BBC. You promised to give the Parliament a greater say in the negotiations about the future relations with the EU. In the case of the controversial question of further assurances from Brussels remained vague. “We are still working on it.”

But in the EU, someone makes little effort to challenge the agreements. “This Deal will not be renegotiated,” confirmed a spokesman for Juncker to the start of the week.

In Brussels there are, however, Considerations That May, with a vague commitment to help products. It could be a re-Declaration of intent to agree with London until 2021 on a trade agreement would be about – in this case, a Backstop would be null and void.

however, It is questionable whether this is enough for May.

your reason for misery, nothing has changed: 316 votes needed for the Tory Boss, and your Deal to get through. Their coalition with the DUP has 326 seats in the lower house. But The Northern Irish national conservatives to reject the agreement as decided, as dozens of Brexit-hard-liners in Mays own group. A hand full of Pro-Europeans in the case of the Tories and the majority of the Opposition, on the May perhaps also can’t count.

In individual conversations wants to edit May now members it means. Party colleagues such as Kwasi Kwarteng widespread demonstrative optimism. “The Plan is to win the vote,” said the Brexit-the Secretary of state. A week is a very long time was “in politics”.

“No Deal” as the most important means of pressure

But so far there is little evidence that the stock will move. Rather, the preparations for the time to run after the expected rejection of Mays Deal.

A cross-party group of 209 members had asked May, a Brexit without a Deal to exclude. This scenario is one of the most important means of Pressure the Prime Minister. Out of fear of the economic consequences of an unregulated exit, the calculus, and apply MP to give in would end up enough as it is.

The matching images shots like the last supply wagon train before Dover. In a jam-Simulation the authorities of those days wanted to test what happens if at the border the vehicles through stricter controls be stopped.

On Tuesday, May suffered a defeat in the Parliament once. A majority of the members, that the possibilities of the government are limited in the tax legislation, it should pass without the consent of the lower house of leaving the EU without agreement.

Other politicians are promoting, in turn, even for “No Deal” – Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, for example. An exit agreement was voted “the next to what the people really want,” Johnson wrote in the Telegraph.

Opposition plans vote of no confidence

In truth, but hardly anyone can predict how it’s going to a failed vote. Some members want to force May, in the event of a defeat within three days an alternate Plan. Possible another Referendum, for example. This had been the very least of the former Tory leaders, Chris Patten.

Labour has, in turn, announced a motion of censure against the government. The aim of the Opposition for new elections, but first of all, the Tories would have to support the left of the head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn. A direct coup from the ranks of the Tories is no longer threatening May. In December, they had survived a vote of no confidence in your group. For a year she is now in front of a new motion of censure for sure.

For a Referendum and new elections would have to London the EU a postponement of the official withdrawal date is on 29. March ask. The government rejects this, however.

In the BBC Interview, was asked in May on the Sunday, if you would, if necessary, to act one more Time in Brussels post to enter and then again with your Deal in front of Parliament. May departed from: If the members reject the agreement, she said, go on the “unknown Terrain”.

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