The Brexit and the Drama of Theresa May seem to be in Liverpool, at once very far away. In the Pubs there are two much more important issues, because it goes to the outlet deal with Brussels or the fate of the Prime Minister. The Crisis? The plays in London. The people on the Mersey, however, in one of the poorest regions of the UK, celebrate and are proud of, at least for a Moment. Can it be somewhere nice? It is a week to have been painted for this city: On Tuesday, the Liverpool FC enthusiasts in the sold-out stadium at Anfield. In a football Thriller Naples was defeated, and just in the the first knockout round of the Champions League done.

A night later, Liverpool’s loads of other legend to the next Party: Paul McCartney, probably the most famous living son of the city, in the also sold-out Echo Arena. 11.000 Fans of the now-76-year-old Ex-Beatle managed to secure a card, the presale was over in the summer after just a few minutes. Angry dam many of Liverpool’s values at the time, that in the case of intermediaries such as Viagogo and Ebay, the Tickets were offered for a short time after that for up to 600 pounds. Presumably, McCartney could have a week-long play, and the Arena would still have been sold out. “Welcome home, Paul,” greets it on metre-high billboards in the City.

The Beatlemania seems to be in Liverpool, never to stop, even if John Lennon and George Harrison, two members of the Fab Four are long dead, and the third, drummer Ringo Starr, was reportedly seen in town for years. In the City and the adjacent port, you can escape the Beatles. In almost every Pub, Restaurant or business of your Hits to run constantly. There are also, of course, a Beatles Museum and several times a day, the “Magical Mystery Tour”, a tour of the city with the Bus to the main places of the Liverpool Beatles history, stops at Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields included. The business with John, Paul, George and Ringo as a major tourism factor.

Faltering voice, and more

force To McCartney’s Homecoming Show, are Fans of Alabama, Kansas, New York, Australia, Japan, and allegedly also from Siberia arrived – so it is at least on the banners held in the crowd as Sir Paul comes along with his Band on the stage, the famous Höfner Bass guitar already around his neck. With “A Hard Day’s Night” is he the Fans on the night, and then it goes on for three full hours, without a break.

In the case of some Songs, including “I’ve Got A Feeling”, makes him and his voice especially in the higher elevations in the meantime, in the lurch, but that interferes in the hall anyone. How to compensate for the slight Weakening, he interprets many of the pieces much more powerful than in the Original. “Helter Skelter”, for example, wrote McCartney 50 years ago, because the Beatles wanted to prove that you can be louder than the emerging competition from the Who. This evening it is played even harder.

“Hey Jude”, “Let It Be” or “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-da” with singing, of course, almost everyone in the audience. A little offended McCartney complains that the Beatles classics all their phones, with the most recent Songs, such as the of his new Album, “Egypt Station”, however, hardly to be filmed and recorded.

Still, this home game gives him a lot of fun. And why not? It is a mood, like at a family party where the relatives and friends to see rather rare and sentimental reminisce. McCartney told on the stage like a couple of anecdotes from the beginning of time, when he met Lennon. Or how he drove a few months ago with the Comedian James Corden for the “Carpool Karaoke”-series by Liverpool – and how nice it was for him to have after years of his parents ‘ house in Forthlin Road where he grew up.

In the Video: “Carpool Karaoke” with Paul McCartney

after nearly 40 Songs, of course with the Beatles classic “The End”. As he passed, praise also McCartney Liverpool as the “Best City in the World”.

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