In the case of No-Deal-Brexits to the London police, expects, apparently, with panic purchases in the retail trade. We expect to pay a “significant increase in customers” and recommend the dealers, and additional security personnel. Reported that the news site Politico, citing a statement by the London police.

indications that it could come with a disordered Brexit to looting, not the police. You rate the dealers only to more security personnel, the police will reduce requests in the event of possible mass gatherings in front of shops in the Brexit-the extreme case.

“The retail sector will work together with the police and other partners to ensure the smooth operation in the stores,” said a spokesman for the trade Association the British retail entrepreneurs, the US news channel CNN.

Other sectors of the economy in the UK, preparing meanwhile, on the possible consequences of No-Deal-Brexit. The transport Ministry tested the last, whether it would be possible to repurpose the decommissioned airport in Manston a truck Parking lot. So massive traffic jams are to be avoided at the ferry port of Dover, if it should come after a hard Brexit delays.

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