German companies are faced with increasing competition on the world market and are therefore in the view of German Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU) “Champions”: Altmaier plans according to one report, to support specific groups through targeted government action. To do this, he wanted to introduce a “National industrial strategy by 2030”, according to the newspaper “The world”, citing a draft.

the aim of the strategy is, therefore, the backup or the Recovery of the economic and technological position of Germany and the European Union. The Agenda should be submitted to it on Tuesday officially.

The draft calls according to the report, specific companies, their continued success are in the national economic interest of importance – among other things, Siemens, the large automobile manufacturer, BASF, Thyssenkrupp and Deutsche Bank . But also medium-sized companies should benefit accordingly. In order to secure their future, would have to be mergers and Acquisitions easier. The creation of the German and European Champions is of strategic importance.

Four concrete measures

For the implementation of its strategy, the Minister of economy proposes, according to the newspaper, four concrete measures. So the industry should be able to produce under better conditions, with affordable energy, stable social security and a competitive tax system . In addition, Altmaier proposes a “German equity Fund” in the state’s promotional Bank KfW, the technical Know-could be secured-how of the company.

Altmaier has announced the launch of the strategy for a Long time. In the MIRROR Interview last October, he said: “The government must, therefore, be out where it’s going well, for example, in the relatively young field of business for the 3-D printing, where we are world leaders. But where the company does not create its own power alone, as in the case of battery cell production, or artificial intelligence, it must afford the state time-limited assistance.”

Currently, the planned Zugfusion of Siemens and Alstom is due to concerns the EU Commission prior to the Failure. Altmaier had said on Thursday in the Bundestag, he does not think that a debate on Changes to the EU competition law is necessary. Europe must have an interest that national and European “Champions” that could compete with competitors from the USA and China.


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