The EU member States to decide, according to a report in the newspaper, according to the will of the EU Commission for tax issues in the future unanimously. Decisions by a qualified majority, to be planned, rather, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported,” in advance of its Monday edition.

In a working paper, the wool present, the Commission on Wednesday, suggest the authorities in Brussels are, in addition, to involve the European Parliament in the tax legislation on an equal footing.

Currently, the tax policy is the only policy field where the member States have unanimously and without direct involvement of Parliament would decide. This has led to many tax policy decisions, such as in the fight against tax evasion, had only been or not taken at all delayed, the paper reported.

Also, a Europe-wide digital not failed tax or a financial transaction tax so far, least of all to this rule.

according to The Commission’s traditional views on national sovereignty would have to be reconsidered””. Only in this way, the European tax policy could reach their full potential.


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