The security adviser of the US President, Donald Trump asked a newspaper report that the Ministry of defence options for an attack on Iran. The request had been made last fall, reported the Wall Street Journal, citing current and former government representatives.

the Background was an attack with three mortar shells on the diplomatic quarter of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, the report says. Although no one had been injured in the attack, attributed to a militant group with ties to Iran, but he created an unusual Alarm at the White house.

The U.S. Department of defense have worked out the requested options, the report says. According to the newspaper is not clear, however, whether the proposals were submitted to the White house, whether President Donald Trump of the request knew, and whether serious plans for an attack against Iran to take shape.

“It was crazy, how outspoken you are about an attack on Iran

The National security Council languages” is directed by John Bolton, who is a fierce critic of China and of Iran. A spokesman for the panel said that President Donald Trump of options available to respond to a variety of threats.

The “Wall Street Journal” wrote that the request had triggered both in the Pentagon as well as in the Ministry of foreign Affairs concern. “They unsettled the people,” was quoted a high-ranking Ex-employees. “It was crazy, how bluntly they talked about an attack on Iran.”

A government employee, who asked not to be specifically cited, it was different. It’s not true that the state Department and the Pentagon had been caught off guard by the request, he said of the dpa. On Details, he did not.

Trump had announced in may 2018 in the international nuclear agreement with Iran. The US government accuses the leadership in Tehran, among other things, to conduct Terror and to destabilize with an aggressive policy in the Middle East. Especially Trumps security adviser Bolton is regarded as a Hardliner against the Islamic Republic. “Bomb Iran to stop the Iranian bomb,” he had demanded in March 2015 in the “New York Times”.


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