With the reform of federalism in 2006 has strengthened the competence of the länder in education policy. Prior to the first meeting of the conciliation Committee in this legislative period, the area has made the largest state once again clearly that it intends to exercise this competence.

in Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, has warned of shots fired in the dispute over the amendment of the basic law to enable the Federal investment in the digitisation of teaching, quickly. He accused the FDP and the Greens, to the Bund-Länder-competencies generally re-arrange.

With good will and without ideology the conflict could solve, it’ll be a week more or less, said the CSU politician. And: “This can’t be the purpose that at the end of the Berlin unit schools are planned on the Berlin level for the whole of Germany – we don’t want that.”

“skills all over the country, parliamentarians in the game”

With the digital Pact school is earmarked five billion euros from the Federal to the Länder. This should, however, changed the basic law and the prohibition of Cooperation to be loosened in the formation. The two countries had stopped the plans of the Grand coalition by the end of 2018 for the time being. They fear to lose a part of their Power, because the Amendment would also pave the way for other Federal aid to the countries free, in addition, the Federal government could have a say also in terms of the school quality.

top representatives of the SPD, FDP and the Green party are pushing in the negotiations for a quick agreement. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the SPD Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig said they hope a compromise up to the meetings of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat on 15. February. Green party chief Katrin Göring-Eckardt said: “The money is there. The students and their parents are waiting. And that’s why I say: as soon as possible.”

meeting of the conciliation Committee

However, Baden had urged-württemberg’s green Prime Minister, Winfried Kretschmann of caution. He accused the Federal government, to the countries in their Affairs governance: “It is the skills of all the country’s parliamentarians.”

CDU-Minister of education, Anja Karliczek defended meanwhile the plans of the Federal government: “It is important to ensure that the five-billion-Euro arrive fully in the schools.” Several Prime Ministers want to get the Federal money without changes to the basic law – for example, by a higher proportion of the shared taxes with the Federal government -.

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FDP-Chef Christian Lindner would not go far enough: “It’s not just the digital Pact, but it’s going to be a Reform of the cooperation between the Federation and the länder. We want the Federation and the Länder can contribute to the key task of education better together, as has been the case.” The formation of federalism have only reformed a future.

in Dispute, among other things, the Plan is that the countries are supposed to pay for all future Federal-Länder-programmes each of half of itself. This 50-50 rule is to reject the country – and called on the mediation Committee.

Göring-Eckardt said before the meeting: “It’s about the quality of education.” Schwesig said, it’s about how the basic law could be changed “to enable more investment in education and training in Germany”.

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on Wednesday evening, for the first time in this legislature, meetings of the conciliation Committee of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat is expected to establish a working group to resolve the conflict. Karliczek: “I am confident that this group will quickly find a compromise – and then, of course, the launch of the digital Pact school can fall quickly and finally.”


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