for Seven years or longer on his desire to study medicine is to agree neither reasonable nor with the constitutionally protected freedom of career choice. So it was decided by the Federal constitutional court less than a year ago, and the countries forced to develop a new selection procedure.

The result, it was agreed to knock of the conference of education Ministers on Thursday as the state contract with a lot of mutual shoulder. It is sufficiently differentiated, legally – hopefully – not vulnerable, and offers people the Chance to study medicine, which would have allowed this desire. To note get independent selection factors a greater weight. That is right and good.

not good at all, however, is that the basic problem is not solved. It is complicated on the contrary. This Problem is simple: in Germany, There are about 11,000 medical study places per year and there are well over 50,000 applicants. The new regulation does not change this mismatch nothing. It only ensures that lawyers stay with the special field of study of space suit more in demand.

of Course, not everyone that applies for a medical study place, this place of study also. Of course, there must be selection criteria to ensure that successful candidates complete their for the company’s proportionate expensive course of study in an acceptable period of time successfully.

But that, given the shortage of skilled workers in the case of Doctors, in particular, on the country, the new distribution plan for the candidate as a big hit is celebrated, shows, unfortunately, only The pressure due to the lack of study places and Doctors is still not large enough.

It is true that the Federal constitutional court has not ruled on the number of medicine places to study, but only through the previous selection procedure. Nevertheless, it had not been for the good of the countries to face to focus solely on the Reform of the lack of management. You have missed the Chance, the training of Doctors in a joint effort greatly to expand.

Because it needs not only new rules, it needs a minimum of 1000 places to study more and as quickly as possible.

study questions of space, however, the countries are thing, is it not enough for this large litter. So it remains in the defect and its management. And so will in the future be discriminated against just other groups of Applicants – up to the next Reform of the authorisation procedure.

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